Quranic education to be made compulsory in public sector schools, says minister

  • 21-Apr-2016

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Islamabad: Minister of State for Education and Professional Training Engineer Muhammad Baligh ur Rahman on Wednesday said that government was trying its best to make Quranic education compulsory in all government sector schools of the country.

While addressing at the 4th Annual Day organized by Al Huda International School, he said “this procedure will be started after the consultation with all provinces through the platform of Inter Provincial Education Minister’s Conference (IPEMC)”.

Quranic Education soon to be compulsory till grade 10th, says minister.

Baligh ur Rahman said that Nazra Quran would be taught from class one to class five while the complete Quranic education along with its translation would be taught to aspirants of class six to class ten in all government schools of state.

“These children are our actual strength that’s why we should invest the best of our resources to make them well educated human beings” he added.

Furthermore he said that education and research were both compulsory in our religion.

Minister said that “We should not only rely on the syllabus but also encourage our children to research as well as to explore various subjects, disciplines and innovative ideas”.

The set-up of education is improving in our country and “we all require to work together to make it much better” he said. He moreover appreciated the role played by private sector schools in educating the young generation of Pakistan.

Minister also added that the Senate and the National Assembly have already adopted the resolutions recommending that aspirants from pre-school to 10th class should be taught the Holy Quran, both recitation as well as translation.

Following the final sanction and approval from the standing committee of National Assembly on religious affairs, all provincial governments also involving G-B and AJK have been asked to certify the implementation through regulation.

Every Government sector school will teach recitation from Nursery to 5th class whereas translation will be taught from 5th class to 10th class as a compulsory subject.

The federal minister also said that as Pakistan is an Islamic Republic, the understanding of Muslim children about Quran and its teaching was to be developed from beginning.

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