Pakistani Teachers and Students Are Confused Over Online Education System

  • 07-Apr-2020

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As we know that we have been suffering from a serious pandemic for the last few months. This alarming situation brings Pakistan in such a situation of making difficult decisions. Almost all the departments or institutions are getting disruption and educational institutes are not exceptional in this case. For Pakistan, an under developing country it is not an easy deal to develop a strong online learning system.

Difficulties In Online Education System

According to Higher Education Commission, HEC the higher educational institutes are instructed to offer online education to the students. But, students as well as teachers are going through serious crisis. Students are getting difficulties to manage equipment’s to follow online studies. At the same time, teachers are also facing the issues to deliver the proper lectures to the students.

Students from several higher education institutes while talking to media said that how they are suffering from the loss of their studies. A student of Karachi University has declared that a large community of students belongs to backward areas. They are not able to get proper internet facilities and other equipments such as smartphones or laptops to manage the online education system.  

Another student of a private institute has said that they are not so familiarized with the system of online education and they are not able to adapt the system so quickly. In such a way, they are not able to offer proper concentration to the studies. They cannot get the exact idea that what teachers are saying to them. Similarly, there are a large number of students also came with their genuine issues.

HEC Decision Upon Students’ Discussion

A few days ago, HEC has taken almost all the discussions from the students’ side and even teachers’ sides. After making a final decision HEC comes with the final announcement that the online classes will no more in the higher education institutes. All the colleges and universities are offered summer vacations and according to the final decision by the government almost all the higher educational institutes will reopen from June 1st, 2020 and all the academic session will be rescheduled according to the needs of every single institute. However, for any other single update regarding the education system in Pakistan, keep visiting Ilmkidunya.


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