NUMS MDCAT 2019 has been a mess. All that you need to know about what's happening

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  • 07-Sep-2019

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NUMS has conducted its NTS-based undergraduate admission’s entry test on 8th September 2019. The process of test conduction, as well as the test paper itself, has become a bedlam. Students are blaming both the management and the academic experts for this negligence.

The National University Of Medical Sciences is a reputable public university of Pakistan where pure and applied health sciences including fields of biomedical engineering and technologies, veterinary, biogenetic, social and behavioral sciences are taught through innovative and creative approaches. The institute missions to offer the best possible services to the society and humanity at large.

Regrettably, this year NUMS’ reputation comes at stake as the 2019 MDCAT for students seeking admission in the undergraduate program became a big-mess.

Why Students Choose NUMS

Students and parents precisely look to NUMS for its high –class academics and perfect management because they are handing over the future of their children to reputable institutions.

Chaos At The Entry Test

Unfortunately, this year the unorganized test conducting system and poor academic support for admission seeking candidates has shaken the standing of the National University Of Medical Sciences.

Students Infuriated At Social Media

This mismanagement, in fact, has enraged the test-taking candidates. These dissatisfied candidates thus initiated a protest against the Medical University. Currently, Twitter and all other Social media platforms are loaded with posts against the administration and test conducting system of NUMS.

The Real Issues

Candidates were not satisfied with the provided resources. However, all applicants have submitted a good amount of application fee for this entry test.

Moreover, students blamed that the allotted time slot, as well as the managing staff, were insufficient and incompetent.

Furthermore, the wrong test key added fuel to the fire.

Besides the lacking in infrastructure and resources, students are also complaining about the out of syllabus questions asked in the test paper. These questions are totally different from those given in past papers.

As a matter of fact, up till now, the testing service has provided four different keys to the test paper. However none of them could be considered appropriate. All of them failing to match.

NTS Redressal Response

In response to such an unacceptable act from NUMS administration, NTS has issued a new schedule for redressal of the students’ concerns.

NTS has deputed a team of Subject Matter Experts for the redressal of issues/queries raised by the candidates… We regret any inconvenience caused to the candidates and their families.

According to the NTS redressal, another date sheet is provided. The provisional result will be announced on 8th September. However, objections and queries will be accepted till 12th September while the final result will be announced on 13th September.