Majority of Vacant Seats in Sindh’s private Medical and Dental Colleges on Last Day of Admission

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  • 16-Feb-2021

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Out of a 740 seats in private medical colleges there are reportedly 631 are still vacant. This could be attributed to the policy of obtaining at least 60% marks in the MDCAT exams. Majority of the local students could not meet the criteria and thus there is huge amount of seats which are vacant due to that.

How the Admission Process Works

It is a basic requirement for admission in any private medical and dental university that the students obtain at least 60% marks in the MDCAT. However, this year a majority of students failed to meet that requirement which lead to hundreds of seats being vacant on the last day of admission.

All applicants must get the prospectus online, from LUMHS website. The website would also provide the students with a list of all the colleges in the province of Sindh. After this, the candidates can easily download an online application form from the same website. The candidate would then have to fill out the necessary information on the application from and then send the form to LUMHS via TCS.

This would conclude the application process.

Why are there so many vacant seats in Sindhi Medical Colleges

After years of poor policy making and not focusing on reforming the education, the local students of Sindh have suffered, as it is so evident. The alarming rate of vacant seats is opposed to the trend in the rest of the country. Thus it should be seen by the government as a wakeup call. So that they could take adequate action and bring about changes in the suffering education sector of Sindh. For more updates on Medical and Dental Colleges of Sindh, keep visiting our website!


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