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  • 15-Jul-2022

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The education system of Pakistan is one of the sectors that has been compromised the most due to various factors. Whenever the country has faced any sort of law and order situation, the education system gets disturbed. However, in the past two years, the world faced a pandemic, and the educational institutes of Pakistan were shut down instantly. Somehow, it was a need of the hour, but the students have faced a lot of difficulties.

It is the utmost responsibility of every government to provide free education, at least till the tenth class. But, in our country, the slogan "education for all" is common; however, the implementation is zero. On the other hand, the private sector has made education some sort of business through their money making techniques. Instead of making education available to all students, the money-making practices of private institutes have made it difficult to obtain an education, particularly in low-income areas.


To discuss the current educational circumstances in the country, one of the editors at Nawaiwaqt, Islamabad, Mr. Shahid Lateef, had a detailed conversation with one of the teachers, Sir Farhan. The editor has mentioned the leading educational sites in Pakistan, IlmkiDunya and Campus.pk. Sir Farhan has provided him with an overview and the aim behind both of the educational websites.

The sites have been running successfully throughout Pakistan with the aim of providing free education to students. The main purpose of these websites was to provide education, especially to the slum areas of the country where there are not enough resources for students to gain a quality education. These websites will help to compensate for the quality of education provided in the big cities of Pakistan. In areas where the education system is compromised and there are not enough qualified teachers, free education through social media can be their hope.

The people of the less developed areas do not have enough assets to pay for their fees, which is why they are not even capable of gaining education from credible academies. To improve their knowledge and to meet their competitiveness, one needs help, which can be provided through these Educational Websites. These websites facilitate students in a number of ways. For instance, if someone has a working routine in the morning, he/she can access the lectures later after work or even at night.

The editor highlighted that there is a concept that if anything is free, be it education, it must benefit the owner. To which Sir Farhan replied, "Yes, we have an interest as well in providing credible education to all students in the country, especially to those who do not have enough facilities or are not able to continue their studies." We have an interest in ensuring they gain a quality education that will make them capable enough to meet the standards of education like other students.

The renowned educational website Ilm Ki Dunya was established in 2004. Later in 2012, the Youtube channel for IlkmKiDunya was also introduced. However, the management thought that the lectures do not have that sort of continuity and students should be able to engage with their teachers to grab better concepts.

Keeping that in mind, Campus.pk was established in September 2019. Campus.pk does not only provide online lectures but also has interactive sessions with the students. To make it even better, the management included entry tests for students to evaluate their performance and to be able to understand if the students are understanding the lecture or not. Sir Farhan also mentioned that the results until now have been 80 to 90%, and even one of our students secured 196 marks out of 200 in the entry test.

The website includes the complete profile of teachers where students can give their feedback. The websites are teaching students from Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, and even Azad Kashmir. The lectures provided on the website are according to the curriculum of the Punjab Textbook Board. However, the curriculum of every board is somehow similar.

We hope and pray that the officials of the country and the education department look forward to raising the standard of education like Campus.pk. And commit to providing education to every citizen of the country instead of selling it like the private sector. This act will prove the slogan of "Education for All"!



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