KU’s decision to present two honorary degrees generates dispute among faculty members

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  • 16-Mar-2016

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Karachi: The decision of Karachi University to present honorary degrees to two of its sitting syndicate members, Sardar Yasin Malik and Haji Hanif Tayyab, become a reason of controversy among faculty members.

Provoked by the decision of KU, some office-bearers of the KU Teachers’ Society (Kuts) called it unequaled and based on ‘conflict of interest’ because the body has chosen its own members for the award.

While addressing a press conference at KU Staff Club, president of Kuts Shakeelur Rehman Farooqi, abutted by other faculty members, said granting the honorary award to the two sitting syndicate members would be the first such case in history of university and this ‘unfair’ trend will set a wrong example for others.

Kuts has called this move of university as ‘shameful’ act, in which sitting members of the syndicate have ‘lobbied’ to award the PhD degree to themselves.

He criticized the major league of varsity for granting degrees to Hanif and Yasin in a special convocation ceremony to be organized on Wednesday (today) at Governor House, Karachi.

He also said that Karachi University has been a source of knowledge and whoever endeavors to destroy the dignity of this ‘exceptional’ institute has to first face the Kuts.

The provocative decision of awarding the degrees to two members has, however, divided the member of teaching society.

The secretary of this group, Moiz Khan, claimed that the press conference organized by some members of the Kuts was their personal decision.

He said a large number of teachers stands with him and believes any disparity among the teachers must be resolved at the forum of the teacher’s society. He moreover said that these acts will just promote differences rather than unity.

Farooqi went on to criticize the authorities for circling the same members in the syndicate and said that there are also other prominent intelligent academics in the city who really deserve to be members of the syndicate.

He added, “Such scandalous acts represent the university in a negative light”. He demanded the governor and Vice Chancellor of Karachi University Dr Muhammad Qaiser to think again about their decision of awarding honorary degrees to the said persons.


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