Isra University Hyderabad Hosts Seminar on Paigham-e-Pakistan

  • 25-Mar-2019

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Isra University Hyderabad hosts a seminar on “Countering Violent Extremism: Paigham-e-Pakistan, the National Peace Narrative” on 23rd March. The seminar was organized by Isra University’s Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization. The alumni of Isra University, faculty members, religious and research scholars were present at the seminar.
Prof. Dr. Abdul Rashid Shaikh, Vice Chancellor, Isra University gave a welcome address at the seminar. He emphasized that such seminars spreading awareness among youth regarding the values and meaning of Islam and Pakistan should be organized in all provinces of Pakistan. He discussed the purpose and motive behind the initiative of Paigham-e-Pakistan and explained its importance to the attendants of the event. He said the universities all across Pakistan should organize Paigham-e-Pakistan seminars at their campuses and involve students in discussions.

The core aim of Paigham-e-Pakistan initiative is to involve the university students in counter terrorism efforts for peace building in Pakistan. Since many years Pakistan has been a direct target of extremists who have used the youth of Pakistan against their own nation by creating a wrong ideology of Islam in their minds. This so called illusion of Islam has caused already enough damage to Pakistan’s economy and society and has taken lives of thousands of Muslims. Educational institutes are also target of extremists and terrorists, therefore the initiative of Paigham-e-Pakistan is teaching the true meaning of Islam to students. Students belonging to different under graduate and post graduate programmes and courses were present at the seminar.

The Islamic Scholars can play a vital role in educating youth in this context. The Islamic Scholars who participated in Paigham-e-Pakistan seminar held at Isra University included: Mr. Mufti Tariq Masood (Professor, Jamia Tur Rasheed, Karachi), Mr. Syed Ayaz Ahmed Shah (Director Public Relations & External Affairs, Jamia Tur Rasheed, Karachi), Dr. Tahira Yosuf (Senior Assistant Professor, Institute of Professional Psychology, Bahria University Karachi) and Mr. Sheeraz Ilyas Shaikh (Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Sindh).

The Islamic scholars delivered sessions on the topics of “Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Concept of Riyasat-e-Madina, Importance of Emotional Resilience: Individuals Role in Betterment of the Society” and Psychology of Conflict and Peace” at the seminar. Mr. Mufti Tariq Masood (Professor, Jamia Tur Rasheed, Karachi) introduced the message of Paigham-e-Pakistan to the attendants of the seminar. The organizers of Paigham-e-Pakistan have vision to address the fundamental challenges faced by Muslim of Pakistan and come up with a national narrative that can create awareness about radicalism, extremism and terrorism spread in Pakistan.

The closing remarks of the seminar were delivered by Mr. Abdul Qadir Memon (Registrar, Isra University, and Hyderabad). He commended the efforts of organizers of the seminar and appreciated them for organizing such successful event. He also thanked the guest speakers, guests, scholars and VC of the Isra University for gracing this event with their presence.
Paigham e Pakistan is an attempt by Government of Pakistan in seeking Islamic guidance by Islamic scholars to counter terrorism. The Paigham e Pakistan fatwa has been signed by 1,800 Islamic scholars having different communion. The fatwa of Paigham e Pakistan is prepared by International Islamic University.


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