HEC Warns The Students About Fake News and Policies Circulating On Social Media

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  • 22-Jan-2021

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The higher education commission has warned the students about the fake news and policies circulating on social media platforms. HEC has advised the candidates to verify the information from the official Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts so that they can get accurate news. Due to the unverified information, many students have been misguided and it also created a lot of confusion. So the candidates that intend to know about the recent announcement by the HEC can cross-check the facts. 

New Policy for Ph.D. Admissions

Recently the commission has announced a new policy for Ph.D. admissions that allow the students to get enroll in the doctorate program after the completion of the undergraduate degree. The students do not need to have to get the admission to the MS/M.Phil degree program. The chairman of the higher education commission has also issued the statement regarding the abolishment of MS/MPhil degree leading to Ph.D. According to the new reforms the earlier 2 year BA/BSc degree is now known as the 4-year associate degree. Moreover, he added that the commission has received many complaints about the Ph.D. programs but now after the implementation of the new policy all the universities are directed to follow it. The chairman said after graduation many students face employment issues so a practical aspect has been added into the devised curriculum so that the students can have the practical knowledge of the affiliated field. 

Implementation of Policy

Previously the HEC had announced that the new Ph.D. policy is applicable from 1st January 2021 and as per the new policy, the candidates enrolled in a Ph.D. degree program are required to spend at least two years in the home country. Furthermore, the minimum and maximum duration to complete the Ph.D. degree are three to eight years respectively. The students also now do not need to get their thesis evaluated by the foreign experts as they will be sent to the Pakistani experts. The HEC's new policy has gained widespread attention from the students as well as the educational institutes. 


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