HEC Wants To Meet All The Criteria To Launch Online Classes

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  • 24-Apr-2020

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HEC Wants To Meet All The Criteria To Launch Online Classes


In the wake of the situation made through the Covid-19 pandemic, the Vice-Chancellors of the universities have uttered their complete commitment to launching online classes and e-learning systems under the closures of the universities. 

Recently, the third meeting held by the Vice Chancellors during which it has reviewed that what progress has done to start the online classes to cover the academic loss. The meeting was held online with the help of the Microsoft team and the Vice Chancellors from across the country had participated in this meeting. 

The Vice Chancellors have disclosed that how they are accelerating their efforts in cooperation with the HEC for enhancing the online education quality in the country. The Vice Chancellors have also revealed that they are trying to ensure the readiness of all the processes that will lead to a successful online or e-learning system. 


The Learning Management System, LMS


All the Vice Chancellors thanked the HEC because HEC has facilitated all the universities in executing the learning management system. During this meeting, Tariq Banuri, the chairman of HEC worried about the need for immediate measures in ensuring the readiness of the online classes. He requested all the Vice Chancellors for adopting and announcing the Standard Operating Procedures and formal Policy for approval of online courses.


The readiness of The Online Classes  


During this meeting, a review has taken on the readiness of the learning management system and other criteria. A proper report has taken that how the universities are working to ensure the e-learning system, what is the readiness of the faculty, and what is the status of the students’ readiness for the commencement of the online classes. 

Well, it is not cleared yet when the pandemic will end and when the lockdown will remove from the country. Under this situation, only the e-learning system can cover the academic loss. Students who are thinking that when the system will be operated and how they will be benefitted from the LMS. They are informed that soon they will be provided the complete guide of using the system once it would officially be launched by the authorities.