In a significant development aimed at enhancing educational equity and ensuring students' well-being, the CEO of Education Lahore has mandated revised leave timings for all private schools in the city. Starting from the upcoming academic term, girls' schools will be required to grant leave at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, while boys' schools will implement the same leave timing. This directive is part of a broader effort to harmonize school schedules and promote balanced educational environments.

The CEO of Education Lahore has taken a proactive step by issuing these instructions to private schools, aiming to address concerns related to school timings and create a more structured daily routine for students. The decision reflects a commitment to ensuring that students, regardless of their gender, have equal opportunities for education and development.



In addition to the gender-based leave timings, all schools, regardless of their gender composition, have been directed to close at 11:30 AM every Friday. This step is aimed at accommodating the weekly congregational Friday prayers and allowing students, staff, and their families to engage in this important religious practice.


To ensure strict adherence to these new regulations, the CEO of Education Lahore has emphasized that any violation of the stipulated working hours will not be tolerated. Stringent actions will be taken against schools found in breach of these guidelines. This move is intended to uphold the integrity of the education system in Lahore and maintain a fair and supportive environment for all students.



As the new academic term approaches, all eyes will be on the private schools in Lahore to observe the successful implementation of these measures and their impact on the students' daily routines and educational experiences.




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