BISE Lahore 9th Class Result 2019 Analysis

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  • 19-Aug-2019

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On August 19th, 2019 Board of intermediate and secondary education, BISE Lahore announced 9th class annual result 2019. Here we are going to discuss a complete study of the result. How many candidates applied for 9th class study session 2019? How many students appeared for 9th class 2019 session? How many students pass in their examination and how many students got failure? All these points are the main discussion of this study.

How Many Students Apply for 9th Class 2019 Study Session?     

According to the gazette report of Lahore Board 9th class 2019 result, there was a total of 276099 candidates applied for 9th class 2019 study session. This amount of candidates involved on regular and private candidates from both of the groups i.e. science group and art group.

How Many Students Appeared for 9th Class 2019 Study Session?    

Science Group:

From this amount (276099) of candidates for science group 145126 candidates appeared as regular students out of them 79329 were boys and 65797 were girls. However, out of total candidates, 49384 appeared as private candidates out of them 2671 were boys and 22672 were girls.

Humanities or Art Group: 

If we talk about the candidates with humanities or art study program then it comes to see that there are 43760 candidates appeared as regular candidates out of them 15637 were boys and 28123 were girls. However, in private section 33177 total candidates appeared and out of them 16555 were boys and 16622 were girls.   

How Many Students Passed in 9th Class 2019 Study Session?    

Science Group:

Out of 145126 regular candidates only 92032 candidates secured their result as passed candidates and the ratio was collected as 43428 were boys and 48604 were girl candidates. In private section, out of 49384 candidates, only 20982 candidates passed their examination and among them, 9219 were boys and 11763 were girls. The overall pass percentage of science group students is 63.42% for regular section (out of which 54.74% is for boys and 73.87% is for girls) and private section pass percentage is collected as 42.49% (out of which 34.51% is for boys and 51.88% is for girls).

Humanities or Art Group:

43760 were the total appeared candidates or regular classes or session out of which only 18154 candidates came as passed candidates. Out of 18154 candidates, 3550 were boys and 14604 were girls. The overall percentage of humanities or art group students who appeared as regular candidates is calculated as 41.49% (out of which 22.70% is the percentage of boys and 51.93% is calculated as percentage of girls) and for private section students the overall pass percentage is calculated as 30.69% (out of which for boys the percentage is 20.02% and for girls the percentage is 41.32%)  In private section or study session, out of 33177 only 10182 candidates passed their examination out of which 3314 were boys and 6868 were girls.  

How Many Students Failed in 9th Class 2019 Study Session?    

According to the above discussion or analysis, it has confirmed that there are total 276099 applied for 9th class 2019 study session out of which 271447 candidates appeared for annual examination. Out of 271447 appeared candidates only141350 secured their status as passed candidates the percentage of which is calculated as 52.07%. 47.93% of candidates got failure in their 9th class annual result 2019.  



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