11 Lac years old elephant Tusk (Tooth) and Bovid (Cattle) Skull from Pabbi Hills, Gujrat

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  • 16-Feb-2016

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Lahore (Press Release): Punjab University's palaeontological team has recovered 11 lac years old elephant tusk (tooth) from Pabbi of Rajo, Gujrat. Investigating team was sent to this area on recommendations of Chairman Department of Zoology Prof. Dr. Iqbal Qazi. Team comprised Prof. Dr. Muhammad Akhtar, Dr. Muhammad Akbar Khan, Dr. Abdul Majid Khan, Dr. Abdul Ghaffar (COMSAT University) PhD and Research Scholar Sayyed Ghyour Abbas, PhD Students Muhammad Asim, Muhammad Khalil Nawaz, Khalid Mahmood, Shabina Gull and Muhammad Ameen and Mphil and MSc Students. Tusk belongs to extinct genus of elephant family named Stegodon and measures approximately 8 feet long and 8 inches in diameter. It is the largest tusk of this elephant species ever found in Pakistan and belongs to an old individual.

Bovid skulls with associated isolated teeth were recovered from Punjan Sher Shahana, Gujrat from where the elephant skull was recovered previously. Skull and teeth belong to Reduncine, a relative of antelopes of cattle family. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Akhtar mentioned that these fossils will essentially be helpful in understanding classification and evolution of animals and play a significant role in deciphering past life of this area (Siwaliks) and its relationship with the living animals of above said family.


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