The admission policy of this 20 year institution is based on:

  1. Entrance test
  2. Interview
  3. Past academic record and result.

Admission Policy

Although the admission policy is very selective but no discrimination is done on basis of basis of caste, creed, or gender during the admission.

In order to gain admission the candidates need to fulfill the desired terms and conditions sanctioned by the Alhamd University Management.

The admission process is fair and just and is strictly based on merit.

Some courses that require pre-requisite that should be fulfilled by the interested candidates.

An affidavit needs to be provided by every student that would ensure that the student has no intentions or desires of taking part in political activities. The affidavit an assurance that the student will not involve in any criminal activities.

Special seats are reserved for handicap, Hafiz-e-Quran and sportsmen.

AIU Latest Admissions

Admission Posted on 24-Feb-2023
Last Date to Apply 15-Feb-2023
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BS Software Engineering

BS Computer Science

BS Information Technology

BS Business Administration BBA

BS Civil Engineering Technology

BS Electrical Technology

BS English

BS Economics

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