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Students who are interested in BS Psychology and searching for the best BS psychology universities can take the information on this page. The universities for BS psychology in Pakistan provide 4 years of a degree. There are many best universities for BS psychology to allow students to take admissions to get an outstanding educational experience.

Universities List for BS Psychology

BS psychology help to develop the proper understanding and research skills in this field. This degree focuses on different topics of psychology and enables the students to work as experienced and trained psychologists in Pakistan. Universities for BS psychology matter a lot in building a successful career after the degree. There are a number of universities that have libraries, faculty members, and other research outputs. The universities list for BS psychology is given below:

  • COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) Lahore Campus
  • Abasyn University Islamabad
  • Bahria University Lahore
  • National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS)
  • University of Management and Technology (UMT)
  • The University of Haripur (UOH)
  • Jinnah University for Women (JUW) Karachi

Importance of Universities Offering BS Psychology Degree

Universities are very important to get the best possible training to be an expert in Psychology. The universities of BS psychology prepare the students to have an understanding of neuropsychological, environmental, emotional, motivation, abnormal, and adolescent psychology. The universities for BS psychology in Pakistan are providing best practices and education to students.

BS Psychology Bahria University Islamabad (BUI) Lahore

It is one of the best BS psychology universities in Lahore. It prepares the students to attain the best skills and understanding of this field. This university has a psychology department where they train students professionally in clinical psychology to be appointed in clinics and hospitals in the future.  The department aims to give qualified and versatile professionals who face future challenges. This university was established in Lahore as the center of both professional and educational excellence. Bahria University provides skillful teaching and motivates the students to impart creative thinking in psychological issues by the society.

BS Psychology COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI)

COMSATS has been established as the center of excellence which contributes to enabling the students to study psychology degrees. The humanities department offers 4 years degree in BS Psychology. It allows students to take part in different activities like seminars, conferences, discussions, and talks on the different issues related to psychology. COMSATS started its BS psychology degree in fall 2013 and it provides the best education to prepare the students for a successful future.

BS Psychology at National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS)

NUMS is a federal public university with highly trained international and national faculty members.  This university has a department of BS psychology that encourages the students for developing the awareness of complexities of human cognition to effective training in different psychological situations. The university designed the program to create collaboration to learn scientific mental processes and behaviors. The university serves the national, global, and local communicates by producing professionals. BS psychology degree in NUMS is designed on the HEC guidelines that meet the international standards.

BS Psychology Abasyn University Islamabad

This university is one of the best BS psychology universities in Islamabad.  It provides 4 years degree in BS psychology in its management and social science department. This degree integrates the scientific foundation of psychology with the strong humanities and background to prepare the students with the best knowledge and skills of psychology. This university prepares the students to enhance their professional and personal lives in this field and demonstrate social responsibilities and interpersonal skills.

BS Psychology University of Haripur (UOH)

This university has a department of psychology which was established in 2010. The university provides the psychology status at the national and regional level by academic research and teaching. The faculty members of the university provide the best training and knowledge to students. The university designed its curricula for BS psychology according to the guidelines of HEC.  The department of the university has a well-planned schedule of 8 semesters for co-curricular activities, clinics/hospitals, and field trips for increasing the practical learning of psychological knowledge.

BS Psychology University of Management and Technology (UMT)

This university provides 4 years degree in BS Psychology. It provides the biological rationale and social perception to understand the behavior of individuals. The university provides the knowledge of fundamental principles of psychology and important methods used in psychological research. It is one of the well-known BS psychology universities in Pakistan. The university provides exposure to different domains of psychology and provides a solid base of knowledge. The students are also encouraged to apply and assimilate the knowledge in every area that has major flexibility in course selections to meet future goals. UMT provides the service to professions and disciplines that promote the science of psychology by giving the best psychological science.

BS Psychology Jinnah University for Women (JUW) Karachi

It is one of the best BS psychology universities in Karachi. This university is only for women and provides 4 years degree to students with different opportunities to develop the understanding of experience and behavior from different theoretical perspectives. The psychology department of the university provides excellence in scientific research. It provides the scientific principles of mental processes and behavior to produce the experienced professionals that serve the international and national communities.

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