BS Psychology Books

You will find the description of books of BS Psychology, course books, recommended books for each course, author names, core books of BS psychology, reference books, online availability of these books, FAQs among others on this page.

Students should know about the course books of the BS Psychology after taking admission to this degree. BS Psychology books are very helpful to learn about different medical conditions. Biology is an important subject to start a career in this field.

BS Psychology Books for Beginners

People can explore the inner sense of power by reading psychology books because it looks inwards that creates self-awareness of desires and passions. Psychology teaches students to make satisfactory meaningful lives. Beginners should start their reading from the easy and simple psychology books. Here are many psychology books for beginners to develop their interest and understanding.

  • Introduction to the Basics of psychology
  • Psychology: Everything you always wanted to know by sterling education
  • Cognitive Science: An Introduction to Study of Mind
  • Psychology: A complete introduction by Sandi Mann
  • Publication manual of the American psychological association
  • Psychology: A Concise Introduction

BS Psychology Course Books

Students who are doing psychology programs should know about the course books of the subjects that are mostly recommended in different universities. Universities offer different reference books and course books to vast students’ learning and understanding. Every subject has more than 2 recommended BS psychology books. The list of psychology course books are given below:

First Semester BS Psychology Books

Course Title Recommended Books Author
Pak Studies Pakistan’s Foreign Policy: An Historical Analysis- 2nd Edition S.M. Burke and Lawrence Ziring
English Patterns of College Writing Stephen R. Mandell and Laurie G. Kirszner
Introduction to Psychology Introduction to psychology 13 Edition Harcourt Brace Jovanovich and San Diego
Sports Psychology Sport and exercise psychology: A Critical Introduction – 3 Edition Moran

Second Semester BS Psychology Books

Course Title Recommended Books Author
Islamic Studies An Introduction to the Study of Islamic Law Hussain Hamid Hassan
Introduction to Computers Windows 95 simplified R. Maran
Applied Areas of Psychology Applied industrial/organizational psychology 4 Edition Michael G. Aamodt
  Sports psychology: Concepts and applications 6 Edition Richard Cox
Practical in Psychology Experiments in Psychology S.M. Mohsin


Third Semester BS Psychology Books

Course Title Recommended Books Author
Cognitive Psychology Cognitive Science: An Introduction to Study of Mind Jay D. Friedenberg and Dr. Gordon W. Silverman
  An Introduction to Cognitive Psychology process and disorders David Groome
Biology Behavior and Environment: Psychological and geographical approaches Tommy Garling
Environmental Psychology Making of psychological anthropology G.D. Spindler
  Advances in environmental psychology Baum
Psychology of Ageing Handbook of health psychology and aging Carolyn M. Aldwin and Crystal L. Park
Human Resource Management Human resource management Nabil Ibrahim and Lloyd Byars

Fourth Semester BS Psychology Books

Course Title Recommended Books Author
Cross-Cultural Psychology Handbook of cross-cultural psychology, Volume 2: Basic processes and Human development - 2 Edition John W. Berry and Pierre R. Dasen
Ethical issues in Psychology The ethics of research with children and young people -2 Edition Priscilla Alderson
  Publication manual of the American psychological association – 7 Edition American Psychological Association
Gender Issues in Psychology Gender: Psychological perspectives – 7 Edition Linda Brannon
  The Psychology of gender – 2 Edition Alice H. Eagly and Robert J. Sternberg
Forensic Psychology Introduction to forensic psychology Curtis R. Bartol and Anne M. Bartol
Neuropsychology Neuropsychological assessment – 3 Edition Muriel Deutsch Lezak

Fifth Semester BS Psychology Books

Course Title Recommended Books Author
Psycho-Pathology Abnormal Psychology: An integrative approach – 8 Edition David H. Barlow and Stefan G. Hofmann
  Fundamentals of abnormal psychology - 8 Edition Ronald J. Comer
Schools and Perspectives in Psychology An Introduction to the history of psychology - 5 Edition Tracy Henley and B.R. Hergenhahn
  Psychology in perspective – 3 Edition Carol Tavris and Carole Wade
Psychological Assessment Psychological Testing: An introduction George Domino and Marla L. Domino
Developmental Psychology The developing person through the life span Kathleen Stassen Berger
  Human development across the life span – 7 Edition John Travers and Lisa Fiore
Statistics in Psychology Statistical inferences – 2 Edition George Casella
  Using Multivariate Statistics – 6 Edition Barbara G. Tabachnick and Linda S. Fidell
Research Methods I Research methods in psychology – 4 Edition Glynis Breakwell and Daniel B. Wright
  The process of research in psychology – 4 Edition Dawn M. McBride

Sixth Semester BS Psychology Books

Course Title Recommended Books Author
Theories of Personality An introduction of theories of personality 5 Edition Robert B Ewen
Biological basis of behavior The human brain-essentials of behavioral neuroscience Jackson T. Beatty
  Biopsychology 6 Edition John P. J. Pinel
Data analysis using SPSSS Quantitative data analysis with IBM SPSS 17, 18 and 19: A guide for social scientists Alan Bryman and Duncan Cramer
  Discovering statistics using SPSS Andy Field
Social Psychology Social psychology 8 Edition Robert A. Baron and Nyla R. Branscombe
Health Psychology Essential health psychology Mark Forshaw
Research Method II Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approach John W. Creswell
  Research methods in Psychology John J. Shaughnessy

Seventh Semester BS Psychology Books

Course Title Recommended Books Author
Experimental Psychology History of experimental psychology Edwin G. Boring
  Kegan Paul: A Victorian Imprint Howsam
Clinical Psychology Clinician's guide to posttraumatic stress disorder Christopher Frueh and Gerald M. Rosen
  Cognitive and behavioral theories in clinical practice Nikolaos Kazantzis
Counseling Psychology Counseling skills in palliative care John Davy


Eight Semester BS Psychology Books

Course Title Recommended Books Author
Positive Psychology Positive Psychology Steve Baumgardner and Marie Crothers
Peace Psychology Peace, conflict, and violence: Peace psychology in the 21st century Daniel J. Christie and Deborah DuNann Winter
Organizational Psychology Psychology and work today: An introduction Sydney Ellen Schultz and Duane Schultz
Education Psychology Educational Psychology: Active learning 12 Edition Anita Woolfolk


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