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The pure engineering from all is mechanical engineering. BS mechanical engineering is becoming a more popular field day by day in Pakistan. Many industries are suffering because of the lack of mechanical engineers in Pakistan. The mechanical engineering program offers many career options for graduates. Mechanical engineering jobs are raising rapidly in Pakistan.

BS Mechanical Engineering Demand

There is a huge demand for Mechanical engineering in Pakistan. This field is concerned with different types of machinery in industries and different aspects of the functioning and mechanics. Mechanical engineering jobs in Pakistan are very profitable and the number of work opportunities is growing rapidly all over the world. To become an excellent mechanical engineer knowledge of applied engineering, mathematics and physics is very important. There is a high demand for mechanical engineers in construction, manufacturing, and automobile companies.

Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Pakistan

There are many Mechanical engineering jobs in Pakistan. Mechanical engineers can get jobs in the private or public sectors after graduation. Graduates can select the job profile based on their interest and choice for mechanical engineering. Many automotive industries need mechanical engineers for car designing, production, and manufacturing. The nuclear stations offer a lot of latest mechanical engineering jobs to fresher to build and run the machinery of a power station. It is a very broad field, some of the job options are:

  • Material Engineer
    • Choose material combustion according to the requirement of the project.
    • Test the external factors of material like friction, heat, and corrosion.
  • Aerospace Engineer
    • Work for developing spaceships, weapons, and satellites.
    • Evaluate spaceships and aircraft on the basis of distance, speed, etc.
  • Instrumentation and control Engineer
    • Design and develop the mechanical types of equipment.
    • Control and monitor the working of systems and machines.
  • Nuclear Engineer
    • Work technically on the quality and process of nuclear control.
  • Maintenance Engineer
    • Evaluate and create the maintenance procedures and strategies.
    • Ensure spare parts, tools, and devices to check the function of the machines.
  • Automotive Engineer
    • Design the machines on CAD software.
    • Test the integrity and performance of the prototypes and components.

Mechanical Engineering Salary

The mechanical engineering salary depends on the skills and experience of a mechanical engineer. The salary scale can be high or low according to the exposure of the engineer. Mechanical engineering salary also depends on the job profile chosen by the mechanical engineer. The average mechanical engineering salary in Pakistan is around Rs 517,826 per year.

Abilities Required in Mechanical Engineers for Jobs

Mechanical engineers should have the excellent skills and abilities to build their careers in mechanical engineering. There are many jobs after mechanical engineering if a graduate has an excellent knowledge about machines. The mechanical engineer’s jobs expect the following expertise among the graduates:

  • Mechanical engineers should be excellent in technical drawing for machine and other devices designing.
  • Mechanical engineers should have IT analytical skills along with conceptualizing structures ability.
  • They should have perfect numeric skills because math is the essential tool to make the connections among creative, innovative, and abstract concepts for solving problems.

Role of Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers are responsible to design, researching, test and building mechanical devices like machines, sensors, and engines. The role of a mechanical engineer is to integrate the controllers, machinery, and sensor. The other responsibilities in the jobs of mechanical engineering are as follow:

  • To analyze the problems in thermal and mechanical devices and solve the particular problem on time.
  • To design the subsystems and devices by using computer-aided analysis and design like internal combustion steam and engines, gas turbines, and electric generators.
  • To oversee different manufacturing processes for several mechanical devices.
  • To oversee and design the manufacturing of products ranging from new batteries to other medical devices.

Industries for Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Mechanical engineers have many public or private sector industries in Pakistan to pursue their successful careers. Mechanical engineering jobs in Pakistan need a lot of attention and responsibility to choose career options. With the increasing expansion rate in industrial sectors, mechanical engineers are high in demand. The industries for mechanical engineering jobs are:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Railways
  • Government Sectors
  • IT Industry
  • Robotics and Mechatronics
  • Atomic Energy Commission and Nuclear Industry
  • Aeronautical and Aerospace Industry
  • Construction industries
  • Biomedical Industries

Top Companies for Mechanical Engineering in Pakistan

Some of the leading companies for mechanical engineers offer huge opportunities for mechanical engineering jobs in Pakistan.

  • DESCON Engineering
  • Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
  • ARCOP Associates
  • Orient Energy Systems
  • Pakistan Petroleum Limited
  • Pakistan Railways

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