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BS Islamic studies are all about Islamic education, and one can do different things related to Islamic studies. There are many BS Islamic studies jobs in Pakistan and offering good salaries. Many vacancies are announced for Islamic studies students at the government level every year. Many private organizations also need BS Islamic studies students. 

These are some sectors where students can do jobs after BS Islamic studies.

  • School
  • Universities
  • Madrassahs 
  • Libraries 
  • Freelancer
  • International Islamic institute 

BS Islamic studies job 2024 announces all over the year on a government and personal level. Moreover, international jobs for BS Islamic studies are also announced. 

  • Arabic Teacher
  • Islamic art librarian
  • Lecturer
  • Editor
  • Quran Tutor
  • Content writer
  • Speaker
  • Islamic Scholars
  • Islamic Translator 

1. BS Islamic Studies job as Islamic Translator 

After completing a BS Islamic studies degree, you can work as an Islamic translator. Islamic translators translate the Holy Quran from one language to another. They translate the Holy Quran and hadith and explain the meaning of verses in different languages (Tafseer). They translate Arabic into English, Persian, Urdu, or any other language. 

2. BS Islamic Studies job as Islamic Scholars

With their knowledge and wisdom, you can be an Islamic scholar. Islamic scholars research and write journals or books based on their research. They observe the present problems, and with their research, they try to solve them and give the right direction to all Muslims. Their main purpose is to guide people and show them the right direction. Many institutes hire them to share their knowledge with the students. 

3. BS Islamic Studies job as Quran Tutor 

Quran Tutor is always a need. You can work as a freelance Quran tutor or apply to any institute. Many international institutes hire Quran tutors online. You can work home-based as well as physically going to that institute. Starting salary for a Quran tutor varies. If you work with an international institute, you can easily earn 50,000/- pkr monthly.  

4. BS Islamic Studies job as Speaker

In Pakistan, one trend is that many speakers are not educated. Sometimes, they don’t know the exact meaning of Quran verses and how to explain them. To understand the Quran, knowledge is a must. An educated person can understand the Quran in a better way. You can influence other people with your knowledge. You can work in any institute as a speaker or freelancer on YouTube or in different organizations. Starting salary also varies. A good speaker with a bundle of knowledge can easily earn 40,000/-pkr per month. 

5. BS Islamic Studies job as Content Writer 

Content writing is a broad niche where company owners require every kind of content. Many websites work on Islamic content, and they always need a content writer. You can join such companies, or freelancing is also an option. It is a wide industry. Companies pay per word usually. BS Islamic students can earn more than 40,000/- pkr monthly. It’s a growing field with your knowledge and skills you can earn more than 1 lac in a short time. 

6. BS Islamic Studies job as Lecturer

PPSC, FPSC, and other government and private agencies announce BS Islamic studies vacancies every year. After completing BS Islamic studies, students can apply for these tests. Shortlisted students are interviewed. These jobs are on the 16th and 17th scales. Their jobs are designated in colleges. 

7. BS Islamic Studies job as Islamic Art Librarian 

Many Islamic art librarians need qualified Islamic studies staff to manage the Islamic library. Many private and government organizations, public libraries, colleges, and universities announce jobs for Islamic art librarians every year. Starting salary is 35,000/-pkr, and it grows with time. 

8. BS Islamic Studies job as Arabic Teacher 

After completing a BS degree in Islamic studies, students can apply to be an Arabic teachers. There are high-level Islamic institutes that hire qualified Arabic teachers. Their salaries vary, but on average, the initial salary is 30,000/-pkr. 


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