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After BS in Electrical Engineering, there are great career opportunities. Candidates can pursue different careers after completing the degree. Some of the jobs include the Electronics industry. The aerospace industry, automotive industry, Computer Manufacturing Industry, Telecom Companies, Construction industry. They all are the highly paid careers of electrical engineering.

Importance of BS Electrical Engineering

BS electrical engineering field deals with electrical designs and systems. It is important to study electrical systems to solve the challenges in the development, production, and distribution of electricity. Electrical engineering is a very broad field as compared to other fields. It takes courses in computer engineering and digital systems and electrical circuits. Electrical engineering students might work on computers. They can also work manually on electric motors, electronic equipment, and communication systems. Electrical Engineers deal with electricity and other related products. This field is subdivided into telecommunication, electronics, and power.

BS Electrical Engineering Demand in Pakistan

BS Electrical Engineering is in demand in Pakistan. Electrical engineer deals with the systems and high voltages. BS Electrical Engineering has a sufficient scope in Pakistan. Electrical engineers can adjust in power companies, construction industries, and telecommunication sectors.

The rapid technological innovation in Pakistan creates demand for electrical engineers in development and research. BS Electrical Engineering is considered to be one of the highest careers to grow in upcoming years all over the world. BS Electrical Engineering has high-paid jobs for experienced and fresh engineers. The job scope in engineering fields has raised the BS Electrical Engineering scope in Pakistan.

BS Electrical Engineering Job Opportunities

There are many job opportunities for electrical engineering in Pakistan. Almost 20% of BS electrical engineering jobs are projected to increase in the company years. After completing a bachelor in electrical engineering, students work on several projects in different companies. BS Electrical Engineering jobs in Pakistan are:

BS Electrical Engineering job opportunities are:

  • Electrical design
  • Hardware design
  • Telecommunication engineer
  • Electrical project manager
  • Systems engineer

BS Electrical Engineering and Girls

The core jobs of BS Electrical Engineering are related to development, production, and designs. Job opportunities in development and design are friendly environment jobs that are suitable for females. BS Electrical Engineering is best for those girls that are excellent in physics and mathematics. The engineering sectors not just in Pakistan but all around the world need female employees. Female engineers with new ideas, different approaches, and high experience towards innovation are highly in demand.

The Professional Role of Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers are responsible to deal with the application of electronics, electromagnetism, and electricity. Following are the duties of electrical engineers:

  • Design and develop the efficient electrical machines
  • Develop and design a power system
  • Work on the system for transmission and distribution of electricity.
  • Design automated machines
  • Deals with sensors, microprocessors, actuators, Arduino, and other control systems.
  • Do space projects with space communications, power generation, storage networks, imaging systems, and GPS navigation systems.

Firms for Electrical Engineers

There are good opportunities for jobs in the engineering industry. The firms of Pakistan have a lot of multidisciplinary research to develop electric machines and devices. There are dozens of companies that are offering BS electrical engineering jobs in Lahore. Engineering skills can be transferable from one firm to other firms because industries recognize engineers as being good at problem-solving and well experienced. The top companies for BS electrical engineering career in Pakistan are:

The top companies for BS Electrical Engineering career in Pakistan are:

  • Pak engineering industrial services
  • CNEEC Pakistan Engineering Co Ltd
  • Blue Sea marine Electronics
  • Siemens
  • Pakistan Engineering Private Limited

Value of BS Electrical Engineering

BS Electrical Engineering is one of the largest disciplines the engineering all over the world. It covers all electricity, communication and development sectors. Electrical engineering is an industry that demands unique approaches and requires an ability to adapt to new situations. Electrical engineering is a valuable field that needs to obtain extensive experience and training to start a successful career in this field.

BS Electrical Engineering Average Salary in Pakistan

Every industry pays differently to engineers. The salary of electrical engineers depends on the job position and work of the engineer. The salary of an electrical engineer increase with the raising time, knowledge, and experience. The average salary of an electrical engineer having a bachelor’s degree with 2 to 3years of experience is Rs, 50,000 to 65,000 per month. The experienced engineers having 5 to 7 years of experience offered Rs, 150,000 of salary per month.

Electrical Engineering Employers

Employers are offering great engineering opportunities to electrical engineers. Employment chances for BS electrical engineers are very high in Pakistan. The job market of electrical engineering includes:

  • Automotive industry
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Smart city projects
  • Telecom Companies
  • Defense industry
  • Electric power companies
  • Aerospace industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Construction industries

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