BS Electrical Engineering Books

You can get all the relevant information for BS Electrical Engineering books, details of reference books and course books, most recommended books for BS Electrical Engineering with the names of the authors, FAQs will help to vast your understanding.

BS electrical engineering students can get the detailed information of subject books here. Books play the most important role in completing your degree with good grades.  Electrical engineering books are essential to learning about electronics and electrical devices in full depth. The BS electrical engineering subjects have more than one recommended book to expand the knowledge and ideas of the specific topics.

BS Electrical Engineering Books in Pakistan

Several universities offer 4 years degree program of BS in electrical engineering. Every university has a different courses schedule and recommended books for students. The books of BS electrical engineering are not replaceable resources and it is so helpful for students to complete their degree. BS electrical engineering degree is not complicated for the students if they use the right course book to increase their understanding. BS electrical engineering books are available in book stores all over Pakistan. Books are also available in online PDF form, students can easily download them instead of buying them physically. The easiest BS electrical engineering books in Pakistan are:

  • Basic electricity
  • Electrical engineering 101
  • Power system analysis and design
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Practical electronics for inventors
  • Beginner’s guide to reading schematics
  • Applied electronics
  • Fundamentals of Microelectronics

The BS electrical engineering book lists semester wise are given below:

BS Electrical Engineering Books First Semester

Course Name Recommended Books Author
English Practical English Grammar A. V. Martinet and A. J. Thomson
  Patterns of College Writing Stephen R. Mandell and Laurie G. Kirszner
Computer Fundamentals    
Applied Physics Fundamental of Physics Robert Resnick and Jearl Walker
Calculus Calculus and Analytic Geometry 9 Edition George B. Thomas and Ross L. Finney
Engineering Drawing Tutorial Guide to AutoCAD Shawna Lockhart
Engineering Mechanics and Thermodynamics Engineering Mechanics R.C Hibbeler and D.P Sharma
Linear Algebra Linear Algebra and Its Applications 7 Edition Gilbert Strang

BS Electrical Engineering Books Second Semester

Course Name Recommended Books Author
Digital Logic Design Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals Charles R. Kime and Morris Mano
  Digital Systems: Principles and Applications Widmer and Tocci
Ordinary Differential Equations Advanced Engineering Mathematics Michael Greenberg
  Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems Michael R. Cullen and Dennis G. Zill
Introduction to Computer Programming Using Information Technology Stacey Sawyer and Brian Williams
Electric Circuit Analysis I The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits A J Rosa and R E Thomas
Multivariable Calculus Multivariable Calculus William Briggs and Bernard Gillett

BS Electrical Engineering Books Third Semester

Course Name Recommended Books Author
Signals and Systems Signals and Systems 2nd Edition S. H. Nawab and A. S. Willsky
  Fundamentals of Signals and Systems M. J. Roberts
Electronics I Fundamentals of Microelectronics Behzad Razavi
Object-Oriented Programming Object-Oriented Programming in C++ - 4 Edition Robert Lafore
Introduction to power engineering A Text-Book of Electrical Power M. L. Anand
Electric circuit analysis II Fundamentals of Electric Circuits M Sadiku and C Alexander
  Engineering Circuit Analysis S Durbin and J Kemmerly

BS Electrical Engineering Books Fourth Semester

Course Name Recommended Books Author
Electric Machines Electric Machinery Fundamentals Stephen J. Chapman
  Electric Machinery Fitzgerald and Kingsley
Electromagnetic theory Engineering Electromagnetics John A. Buck and William Hayt
  Fundamentals of Engineering Electromagnetics David K. Cheng
Electronics II Microelectronic Circuits K. C. Smith and A. S. Sedra
Electrical measurement and instrumentation Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation Steve Gee and Klaas B. Klaassen
Probability methods in engineering Probability and Random Processes For Electrical Engineering A. Leon-Garcia

BS Electrical Engineering Books Fifth Semester

Course Name Recommended Books Author
Communication systems Communication Systems Simon Haykin
  Modern Digital and Analog Communication Systems B. P. Lathi
Control systems Design of Feedback Control Systems – 4 Edition Hostetter and Shahian
Numerical computations Numerical Methods for Engineers – 5 Edition Raymond P. Canale and Steven C. Chapra
Microprocessor systems and interfacing Microprocessor and Interfacing Douglas V. Hall
  Microprocessors: Principles and Application Charles Gilmore

BS Electrical Engineering Books Sixth Semester

Course Name Recommended Books Author
Engineering economics Engineering economic analysis Don Newnan
Digital signal  processing Digital Signal Processing – Principles, Algorithms, and Applications Dimitris K. Manolakis and John G. Proakis
  Digital Signal Processing - A Computer-Based Approach – 2nd Edition Sanjit K. Mitra

BS Electrical Engineering Books Seventh Semester

Course Name Recommended Books Author
Report writing skills Patterns of College Writing John Langan.
Islamic studies Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence Ahmad Hasan

BS Electrical Engineering Books Eighth Semester

Course Name Recommended Books Author
Project planning and management Software Engineering - A Practitioner's Approach Pressman R.S
  Practical Software Metrics For Project Management and Process Improvement R. B. Grady
Pakistan Studies Pakistan Political Roots & Development Safdar Mehmood

BS Electrical Engineering Books Electives

Course Name Recommended Books Author
Power electronics Power Electronics: Circuits, Devices, and Applications M. H. Rashid
Electrical power transmission Elements of Power System Stevenson
Optical communication Optical Fibre Communications: Principles and Practice John M. Senior
  Fibre-Optic Communications Technology Lowell Scheiner  and Djafar Mynbaev
Opto-electronics Fibre Optics Communications Harold Kolimbiris
Microwave engineering Microwave Engineering David M. Pozar
VLSI Design Verilog Computer-Based Training Course Zainalabedin Navab
Wave propagation and Antennas Wave Propagation and Antennas John D. Kraus
Digital image processing Digital Image Processing R. C. Gonzales and Woods
Embedded System Embedded System Design: A Unified Hardware/Software Introduction Frank Vahid and Tony D. Givargis
Computer communication networks Computer Networks: A Systems Approach Bruce S. Davie
Information theory and coding Elements of Information Theory Thomas M. Cover
Broadband technologies Fundamentals of WiMax – Understanding Wireless Broadband Networking A. Ghosh and J. G. Andrews
Artificial Neural Networks Fundamentals of Neural Networks, Architectures, Algorithms & Applications Laurene Fausett
Data structures and algorithms Data structures and algorithm analysis in C++ Weiss
Satellite engineering Mobile Communication Satellites: Theory and Applications Tom Logsden
  Mobile Communications Jochen Schiller
Industrial Electronics Programmable Logic Controllers Frank D. Petruzella
FPGA based system design FPGA-Based System Design Wayne Wolf

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