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Biotechnology is an innovation in the field of allied health. It has made our lives very easy by its wonderful uses. It is a need in human life to fulfill requirements. It has created many BS biotechnology job opportunities in multiple field and industries.

There are multiple department/sectors that offers jobs after BS biotechnology in Pakistan.

  1. Forensic Agency
  2. The Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR)
  3. Food Industry
  4. Drug Testing Laboratories
  5. Colleges
  6. Pharmaceutical industry
  7. CEMB
  8. Fermentation Industry
  9. Hospital
  10. Research Centers
  11. Diagnostic Labs
  12. Livestock Department

In these industries biotechnologist can work and earn money by giving their services to humans. There are many professions that a biotechnologist can choose after studying BS biotechnology. Some jobs after BS biotechnology in Pakistan are as follow:

  1. Genetic Engineer
  2. Environment Scientist
  3. Forensic Officer
  4. Food Biotechnologist
  5. College Lecturer
  6. Diagnostic Labs Manager
  7. Researcher
  8. Biotech Pharmaceutical Industry
  9. PCSIR

Here are some details of Biotechnology job opportunities, job description and BS biotechnology salary in Pakistan are given so that a student can choose if he/she should choose biotechnology career or not.

  1. BS Biotechnology Job as Genetic Engineer

 Genetic engineers job duty is to make a living organism healthier and efficient by modifying its genome.

They experiment on plants and other living organisms for the benefits of humans. Biotechnologist can work in research center and laboratories to perform their experiments. Genetic engineers has a bright scope and exponential growth rate. Biotechnologist after completing BS biotechnology can apply for internship in research center.

BS biotechnology salary In Pakistan as Genetic engineer is basic but once you get experience you can earn a lot.

  1. BS Biotechnology Job as Environment Scientist

Environment scientist try to reduce the effect of harmful particles present in air and polluted places. They also focus on making better strategies and methods to make environment better. Our environment is getting effected severely and the need to environment scientist has increased. Every year many job vacancies are announced for environmentalist on government as well as private level. Starting salary is 40,000/-pkr.

  1. BS Biotechnology Job as Forensic Officer

Forensic officer’s works in forensic agencies. Their duties are to identify, protect and give information especially in crime scenes under court laws. Every police department, investigation agency, forensic labs and intelligence agencies needs a forensic agency. They investigate on crime scenes and helps police to identify the culprit.  Forensic officers has job vacancies in government agencies and private agencies. Starting salary of forensic officer after BS Biotechnology 50,000+/-pkr.



  1. BS Biotechnology Job as Food Biotechnologist

Food biotechnologist work to produce more sources of food in less time to reduce the poverty and malnutrition. Food biotechnologist work in research center and labs.  They change the genome of plants and animals in this way that they can reproduce more.

Food biotechnologist starting salary in Pakistan in 30,000/-pkr and it has high growth rate.

  1. BS Biotechnology Job as College Lecturer

Colleges are always open for every kind of field. After completing BS biotechnology students can apply for lecturer in government and private sectors. Starting salary as biotechnology lecturer in Pakistan is 40,000. With your better knowledge and communication you can be hired in best institutes on good salary packages.

  1. BS Biotechnology Job in The Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR)

The Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research works for to promote science and technology in the field of biotechnology and health in Pakistan. It is a government organization and its laboratories are running 20 major facilities in different cities of Pakistan. Biotechnologist research or assistant starting salary is 40,000/-pkr but a Ph.D. biotechnologist can earn more than 2 lac per month.

  1. BS Biotechnology Job as Diagnostic Labs Manager

As the name tells diagnostic labs are formed to diagnose any diseases or changes in human genomes or internal body parts by testing. Diagnostic lab manager manages and train the lab analyst. They update safety measures and maintain them. Communication skills are must for this job. Starting salary of Diagnostic lab manager after BS biotechnology is more than 30,000/-pkr

  1. BS Biotechnology Job as Researcher in Research Centers

There are many food and biotechnology research centers in Pakistan that are working to innovate something good for the humans. These research center are present in all big cities. Biotechnologist can join research center after completing BS biotechnology. Biotechnology researcher starting salary is 25,000-30,000.

  1. BS Biotechnology Job in Biotech Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industry is one of the highest paying industry for biotechnologist and other life sciences. Biotech engineer research and test the medicines before production. They observe the effects of medicine on disease. Salary ranges vary but initial salary is 50,000/-pkr in Pakistan. With a greater degree in biotechnology and some years of experience, you can earn more than 2 lac.


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