BS Biotechnology

BS Biotechnology is a four years degree focusing on creating better opportunities in the field of health and food for human.

Pakistan is not a developed country and its 17% population falls under the poverty line. Food Inflations rate is drastically increasing because the demand of food is high. With the help of BS biotechnology in Pakistan biotechnologist can create better facilities of health and more food to overcome this poverty.

BS Biotechnology is combination of bio (life) and technology. The course gives information about biology, chemistry and math subjects. Course structure is designed to as follow

  • Research Work
  • Labs
  • Projects
  • Assessments

Biotechnologist work for the welfare of human needs. They manipulate the genomes and prepare medicines for humans. There are many universities in Pakistan that are offering BS biotechnology program.

Importance of Biotechnology

Biotechnologist manipulate the genomes of plants and animals to insert desired trait in them. For example Broiler is one of the invention of biotechnology that produces more chicken to overcome the need of chicken. Some people arises questions here that this food is not healthy as the original one. The thing is this engineering is done to overcome the food needs. There are many people in Pakistan who just eat one time in a day but if the food will be cheap they can buy more and at least can eat 3 times in a day.

BS Biotechnology Scope in Pakistan

After choosing BS biotechnology degree program student research on scope of BS biotechnology scope in Pakistan. BS biotechnology is one of the emerging fields in Pakistan. After completing BS biotechnology degree program students can apply for internships in multiple fields. Many organization e.g. government research center, pharmaceutical industry, diagnostic laboratories, colleges, food fermentation industry, forensic agencies offer jobs on entry level.

Government and private institute announces many jobs per year for the biotechnologist. Some of them are as:

  1. Genetic Engineer
  2. Environment Scientist
  3. Forensic Officer
  4. Food Biotechnologist
  5. College Lecturer
  6. Diagnostic Labs Manager
  7. Researcher
  8. Biotech Pharmaceutical Industry
  9. PCSIR
  10. Vaccine Development

Skills Required for Biotechnology Jobs

There are multiple skills that are a required for BS biotechnology jobs

  • Communication skills (especially for labs jobs)
  • Analytical thinking (forensic officers)
  • Good observation skills
  • Technical skills (to understand technology and machines/devices)
  • Adaptable and up-to-date (due to dynamic nature of biotechnology)
  • Lab sense

Work mode after BS biotechnology

Jobs after BS biotechnology jobs are regular and office based jobs usually. Employers work 5-6 days’ per week according to the organization. Jobs timing are from morning to evening. Some field like forensic officer is a mixture of outdoor and indoor job. Forensic officers go the crime scenes to investigate.



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