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In this page you will get information regarding the BS Agriculture duration, affilation, eligibility criteria, course outline and scope in Pakistan.

Agriculture is one of the main sectors contributing to the economy of Pakistan. A bachelor’s degree in Agriculture will enable students to bring modern techniques and learn the advances in the field. The four years of extensive coursework will prepare students to excel in the fieldwork and work on the contemporary issues faced in the agriculture department. To analyze the issues and interpret various solutions. The students have a variety of subjects to specialize in agriculture including agronomy, agriculture extension, etc. There are now various HEC recognized universities that offer a bachelor’s degree in agriculture. The graduates of agriculture will be capable of working at various research centers, academia, agriculture scientists, and many more.

Duration of BS Agriculture

  • 4 years (8 semesters)

Affiliations & Accreditation:

Some of the HEC recognized universities offering BS in Agriculture are:

  • Khawaja Fareed University of Engineering & Information Technology
  • University Of Sargodha
  • University of the Punjab
  • University of Agriculture Faisalabad          

Schope & Career:

A BS graduate in agriculture can look forward to various jobs including an agricultural scientist, biochemist, agricultural adviser, senior agriculture scientist, agriculture researcher, academia, and much more.

Syllabus & Courses:

Here is the course outline of Punjab University BS Agriculture:

Semester 1

Name of Subject Credit Hours
Basic Agriculture 3
Introduction to Soil Science 3
Introductory Horticulture 3
Exercise in Reading, Writing &
Introduction to Information and
Communication Technologies
Elementary Mathematics 3
Islamic Studies 2

Semester 2

Name of Subject Credit Hours
Horticultural Crop Production 3
Introduction to Animal Husbandry 3
Introduction to Agricultural Economics 3
Introductory Statistics 3
Introduction to Forest and Watershed Management 2
General Crop Physiology 2
Irrigation and Drainage Practices 2
Pakistan Studies 2

Semester 3

Name of Subject Credit Hours
Elementary Genetics & Plant Breeding 3
Introduction to Food Science & Technology 3
Introductory Entomology 3
Agribusiness Management 3
Introduction to Rangeland and Wildlife
Introduction to Veterinary Preventive Medicines 2
Farm Mechanization and Practices 2
Field Crop Production – I 2

Semester 4

Name of Subject Credit Hour
Introductory Plant Pathology 3
Food Processing & Preservation 3
Applied Entomology 3
Introduction to Agriculture Extension 3
Communication Skills & Leadership Development 3
Rural Sociology & Development 2
Field Crop Production – II 2

Semester 5

Name of Subject Credit Hours
Introduction to Weed Science 3
Irrigation Agronomy 3
Field Crop Physiology 3
Agro-Technology of Major Crops 3
Farm Record Maintenance 3
Arid and Rainfed Agriculture 3
Agro Ecology 3
Forage and Fodder Production 3
Production Technologies of Condiments and Spice 3

Semester 6

Name of Subject Credit Hours
Water Management in Rainfed Area 3
Plant Nutrients and Growth Regulators 3
Seed Production Technology 3
Organic Farming 3
Environment and Crop Production 3
Introduction to Crop Modeling 3
Coastal Agriculture 3
Principles of Weed Science 3

Semester 7

Name of Subject Credit Hours
Crop Management under Stressful Environments 3
Biological Nitrogen Fixation 3
Conservation Agronomy 3
Medicinal and Special Crops 3
Plant and Soil Analysis 2
Research and Scientific Writing 3
Principles of Weed Science 3
Forage and Fodder Production 3

Semester 8

Name of Subject Credit Hours
Internship / Study Project 5
Seminar 1

Why Choose the Program?

This course is designed to learn the advances and development in the field of agriculture. The students get the knowledge of agriculture with respect to research and modern technology equipment and techniques.

Related Courses

  • BS Horticulture
  • BS Agriculture Extension

Further Study:

  • Graduates of BS Agriculture can further pursue a master’s degree in agriculture. They can pursue their options at various international universities.  

Study Abroad:

  • MS in Agriculture at Washington State University, United States
  • M.Sc. Agricultural Education at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University, United States
  • M.Sc. Agricultural Education at Texas Tech University, United States
  • Masters in Agricultural Sciences at ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland
  • M.Sc. Agriculture and Development at University of Reading, United Kingdom
  • M.Sc. Agricultural and Environmental Science Newcastle University, England, United Kingdom

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