Bachelor of Interior Design In Pakistan Complete Guide


It is a 4 year professional degree program, the Bachelor of Science in Interior Design (BSID) is a meticulous design-oriented module with a strong theoretical basis to consolidate creative problem-solving skills with an understanding of the artistic, technological, and behavioral features of design.
Interior designing is an artwork and science which uses science to furnish the interior of a building to build a special unique and pleasing view and surrounding. Interior designers are professionals that turn their evocative ideas into reality with the perception of creativity and environmental welfare.


Majors And Specializations Of BS Interior Design

  • Interior Design
  • Interaction Design
  • UI /UX Design
  • Animation
  • Industrial Design

Duration And Credit Hours Of BS Interior Design

The credit hours to complete this degree are at least 140 which are divided as:
Semesters  Credit hours 
1st semester  18
2nd semester 17
3rd semester  17
4th semester  18
5th semester  15
6th semester  15
7th semester  15
8th semester  15


Scope And Career Of BS Interior Design

Interior designing is a prospering industry in Pakistan and provides various job opportunities for those who have strong innovative abilities and sense of artistic details.
The scope of interior design encircles everything from domestic spaces to commercial spaces, health, and safety to educational institutions. Interior designers are experts who work with clients to create practical, optically appealing spaces and enticing to the rest of the community.
After completing the degree of interior designing graduates can opt for job roles such as:
  • lighting designer
  • Scenographer
  • Commercial interior designers
  • Hospitality interior designers
  • Furniture Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Hospitality consultant
  • Sustainable interiors consultant
  • Building Pathologist
  • Systems
  • Government interior designers
  • Corporate interior designers
  • Healthcare interior designers
  • Merchandise designer
  • interior and spatial designer
  • Design Educator
  • Residential interior designers
  • Sustainable interior designers
Any company that generates living, shopping and working spaces for people is a potential interior design employer. This includes these job types:
  • Architectural firms
  • Construction companies
  • Interior design companies
  • Exhibition centers 
  • Events management companies
  • Consultancies offering a wide valise of design services
  • Retailers
  • Theatre
  • TV or film companies


Skills And Learning Outcomes Of BS Interior Design

Graduates will be able to:

Define complications as it relates to the field of Interior Design.

Realize the meaning and impact of design as it relates to human interconnection, technology, theoretical structurers and integrative efforts.
Evaluate, select, manufacture and apply information and research findings to design compounds.
Interpret, evaluate and represent intellectual concepts during all aspects of the design process to specify conditions, relationships, and requirements within the interior conditions.
Analyze and generate creative solutions via an organized and coordinated design process that incorporate functional and inventive examines.
Convey scheme in a professional manner significant to the audience.
Understand that Interior Design contributes to the improvement of the human condition from the individual to the worldwide community, and is able to explain and protect design solutions as it relates to logical, social, and economic issues.


Syllabus And Courses Of BS Interior Design

1st semester 
Mathematics - I 3
Functional English - I 3
Introduction to Computer 3
Art History 3
Drawing - I 3
Design Studio - I 3
2nd semester 
Islamic Studies 3
Functional English - II 3
Mathematics - II 3
Introduction to Business 3
Drawing - II 3
Design Studio - II 3
3rd semester 

Pakistan Studies 2
Functional English III 3
Design Chemistry 3
Interior Drawing and Composition - I 3
Advanced Computer Application - I 3
Interior Design Studio - I 3
4th semester 
Technical Report Writing 3
Marketing 3
Psychology of Interior 3
Interior Drawing and Composition - II 3
Advanced Computer Application - II 3
Interior Design Studio - II 3
5th semester 
Materials for Interior 3
Interior Landscape 3
Fundamentals of Structure 3
Interior Digital Solutions - I 3
Interior Design Studio - III 3
6th semester 
Interior Preneurship 3
Color Theory and Application 3
Understanding of Interior Lighting 3
Interior Digital Solutions - II 3
Interior Design Studio - IV 3
7th semester 
Interior Furnishing and Furniture 3
Textile for Interior 3
Sustainable Interior Design 3
Interior Digital Solutions - III 3
Final Year Project - I 3
8th semester 
Interior Project Management 3
Model Making 3
Interior Project Management 3
Final Year Project - II 3
Final Year Project - II 3

Related programs of BS Interior Design


  • Bachelor of Arts in interior design
  • Bachelor of Science in interior design
  • Bachelor of Applied Science interior architecture
  • Bachelor of Science in architecture or interior design
  • Bachelors of arts in fashion design 
  • Bachelors of science in architecture 
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in interior design
  • Bachelor of Design

Fee structure of BS Interior Design

University of management and technology fee structure 
Learning investment  1090000
Quarterly Fee 68125

National textile university NTU open merit fee 1st semester 

Fee Heads 1st Semester Fee
Admission Fee (Once at admission) 25,000
certificate Verification Fee (Once at admission) 2,000
Red Crescent Donation (Once at admission) 50
University Card Fee (Once at admission) 300
University Security (Refundable) 5,000
Tuition Fee (Per Semester) 55,720
Library Fee (Per Semester) 3,000
Examination Fee (Per Semester) 3,000
Medical Fee (Per Semester) 2,000
Student Activity Fund (Per Semester) 2,000
Endowment Fund (Per Semester) 1,000
Exhibition Fee (Per Semester) 6,000
Total fee  105,070
Self-finance 1st semester 

Fee Heads 1st Semester Fee
Regular Fee of 1st Semester 105,070
Self-Finance Fee Installments (Per Semester) 37,500
Total 142,570

Other Courses After BS Interior Design

  • Masters in design and innovation 
  • Masters in interior design 
  • Masters in architecture design 
  • Masters in fine arts 
  • Masters in product design 
  • Masters in architectural science 
  • Masters in architectural visualizations
  • Masters in visual arts 
  • Masters in lightning design 
  • Masters in furniture design 

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