Study Notes & Books for Private & Regular B.Com exams

Course name: Business statistics and mathematics

Books recommended

1.Syed Hassan Mirza. Business Mathematic for Management and Finance.

2.L.W. Stafford. Business Mathematics

3.Richard Lacava. Business Statistics; when & Way; Irvan, & Publication, Illinois

4.Lavin. Business Statistics. Prentice Hall Inc.

5.Nasir Ali Syed, and G.I1. Gill. Statistics & Business Mathematics. Fair Publication, Lahore.

6.Zulfqar Ahmad Bowra, Business Statistics and Mathematics.

7.John Hegarty "Calculus for Management and Social Sciences", Allyn and Bacon. Inc. Boston (USA).

8.Frank S. Bundwick "Applied Mathematics for Business, Company, New York, USA

Course name: Computer applications in Business

Books recommended

1.Dr. Liaqat Ali Chaudhry and Syed Asghar Ali Bukhari. Computer Application in Business, Syed Mobin Mahmud & Co., Lahore.

2.C. Fundamentals of Information Technologies, Kalyani Publisher, New Delhi.

3.Norton, P. et al. Microsoft Office 2000. Techmedia, New Delhi-2.

4.Nuqoosh Software Learner. Short & Simple Guide: Find what you need fast, Nuqoosh, Lahore.

5.Robert A. Szmaski. Introduction to Computer & Information System.

6.Raymond Mcleod Jr. Management Information System, (International Edition).

7.Richard D. Irwin. Computer Information System

Course name: Economics

Books recommended

1.Lioyd G.Reynolds Irwin. Micro Economics - Analysis & Policy. Irwin Homwood Illinois

2.Nancy Smith Barrett. The Theory of Macro Economics Policy, Prentice Hall.

3.Ed word Shapiro. Macro-Economic Analysis, Harcourt Brace.

4.Muhammad Irshad, Economics, Naveed Publications Lahore.

5.Salman Rizavi, Economics, Syed Mobin & Company

6.Paul A. Sameulson, Economics, McGraw Hill Book Company

7.Saeed Nasir Textbook of Economics, Ilmi Kutab Khana, Lahore

8.Sh: Manzoor Ali. Economics, Ilmi Kutab Khana, Lahore.

Course name: Financial Accounting

Books recommended

1.M. Arif & Suhail Afzal, Accounting, Azeem Academy Lahore.

2.Ghani, M.A. Principles of Accounting, Salman Publishers, Lahore.

3.Meigs and Meigs! Accounting. The Basis for Business Decisions McGraw-Hill Book Company.

4.Niswonger and Fess, Accounting Principles, South-Wastern.

5.Ch. Muhammad Hanif and Azam Shafiq, Fundamentals of Accounting, Etisam Publishers, Lahore.

6.Horngren, Harrison JR & Robinson, Accounting.

7.William Pickles, Accounting, Pitman Publishing.

8.Frank Wood & Alan Sangster, Business Accounting, Pitman Publishing.

9.International Accounting Standards.

10.Dempsey Dupree Matthew Marder, Principles of Accounting, Addison-wesley publishing

Course name: Functional English

Books recommended

1.Atta-ur-Rehman, Functional English, Furrukh & Brothers, Lahore.

2.J. Chilver", English for Business; a Functional Approach, DP Publication Limited.

3.Wren & Martin", High School English Grammar & Composition: S. Chand & Company Limited.

4.Michael Swan", Practical English Usage, Oxford University Press.

5.A.J. Thomson & A.V. Martinet, a Practical English Grammar

6.Robert E. Barry", Basic Business English, Prentice Hall Inc. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

Course name: Introduction to Business

Books recommended

1.Nisar-ud-Din. Business Organization. Aziz Publishers, Lahore.

2.Muhammad Irshad, Introduction to Business, Naveed Publications Lahore.

3.Khalid Mahmood Cheema, Introduction to Business, Syed Mobin Mahmood & company. Lahore.

4.Theodore J. Sielaff and John W. Aberle. Introduction to Business. Belmont, California Wordsworth Publishing Company, Inc.

5.Asakari Zaidi S.A. Fundamentals of Business. Orient Publishers, Karachi.

6.Glass & Baker. Introduction to Business, South Western Publishing Company.

7.M.H. Ali Business Organization, PBC, Dhaka.

8.Saeed Nasir M.A. Introduction to Business. IImi Kutab Khana, Lahore.

9.Pickle / Abrahamson, Introduction to Business, Good Year Publishing Company California

Course name: Money, Banking and Finance

Books recommended

1.Israr H. Siddiqui, Practice and Law of Banking in Pakistan, Royal Book Co., Karachi.

2.S.A.Menai, Banking and Finance in Pakistan, Oxford University Press, Karachi.

3.Crowther, an Outline of Money, Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd, London.

4.M. Saeed Nasir, Money & Banking, Kitab Markaz Faisalabad.

5.Hassan Mobeen Alam, Money Banking and Financing, Syeed Mubin Mahmood & Co., Lahore.

6.Muhammad Irshad, Money & Banking, Naveed Publication, Lahore.

7.M.J.Henderson, Banking Operations, D P Publishing, Ltd.

8.Zia-ud-Din, Munawar Iqbal & M. Fahim, Money and Banking in Islam, International Centre for Research in Islamic Economics, King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah & Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad.

9.Miller & Pulsinelli, Modern Money & Banking, McGraw Hill,

10.M.Akram Khan, Islamic Banking in Pakistan, All Pakistan Islamic Education Congress, Lahore.

11.Abdul Jabber Khan, Five Decades of Banking in Pakistan, NBP, Karachi.

Course name: Islamic studies

Books recommended

1.William Lille. An Introduction to Ethics, London Methuen & Co.

2.Titus, H.H. 'Ethics in Theory and Practice' N.Y. Thomas Y. Crowell.

3.Hill, Thomas, 'Ethics in Theory and Practice' N.Y. Thomas Y. Crowell.

4.Ameer Ali, S. 'The Ethics of Islam. Calcutta: Noor Library Publisher.

5.Donaldson, D.M. 'Studies in Muslim Ethics' London.

6.S.M. A. (Tr.) 'Ta'aruf-e-Akhlaqiat. Karachi: BCC&T, Kar. Univ.

Course name: Advanced Financial Accounting

Books recommended

1.Meigs and Johnson, Advanced Accounting, McGraw Hill.

2.Karrenbrock and Simon Advanced Accounting, South Western Publication Co.

3.Karrenbrock & Simon, Intermediate Accounting, Southwestern Publication Co.

4.M.A. Ghani, Advanced Accounting, Salman Publication, Lahore.

5.Aftab Ahmad Khan, Advanced Accounting, Orient Publishers, Karachi.

6.Nisar-ud-Din, Advanced Accounting, Lahore.

7.Uzair Hassan, Advanced Accounting, Karachi.

8.Carter, Advanced Accounts, Pitman Publishers, London.

9.Rup Ram Gupta, Advanced Accounting, Agra Book Store.

10.Jamshed R. Batliboi, Typical Problems in Advanced Accounting, The standard Accountancy publications, Bombay.

11.Hrishikesh Chakraborty, Advanced Accounting, Oxford University Press, Dehli.

12.Shukla & Grewal, Advanced Accounts, Union Book Stall, Karachi

Course name: Auditing

Books recommended

1.Khawaja Amjad Saeed, Auditing, Accountancy & Taxation Services Institute, Lahore.

2.Muhammad Irshad, Auditing Naveed Publication, Lahore.

3.Zafar M. Zaidi. Auditing.

4.Meigs & Larson Principles of Auditing. University of Congress, Richard, D. Irwin.

5.Attwood and Stein, Paula's Auditing, Principles and Practice. Pitman Publishing Ltd., London. 6. Emile Woolf, Auditing Today, Prentice Hall International.

6.Wanda A. Wallace, Auditing Macmillan Publishing Companies, New York.

7.Kamal Gupta, Contemporary Auditing, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Limited, Delhi

8.Muhammad Aslam Khan, Refresher Course on Auditing, S.A. Salam Publications, Lahore

Course name: Business Communication

Books recommended

1.Herta A. Murphy, Effective Business communication, McGraw Hill.

2.Sh.Atta-ur-Rehman, Effective Business Communication and report writing. Farrakh Brothers, Lahore.

3.John V. Thill Courtland L. Bouee", Excellence in Business communication, McGraw Hill Inc.

4.Norman Sigband & David Bateman, Communicating in Business, Scott, Foresman and Company, Glenview. Illinois.

5.Raymond Lesikar & John Pettit Jr, Business Communication, Richard D. Irwin, Inc. Homewood, Illinois.

6.Chester Wolford & Gretchen Vanneman, Business Communication, the Drvden Press.

Course name: Business Law

Books recommended

1.A.G. Chaudhry, Mercantile Law in Pakistan. Pakistan Publishing House, Karachi.

2.Khawaja Amjad Saeed, Mercantile Law of Pakistan, Accountancy & Taxation Services Institute, Lahore.

3.Khalid Mahmud Cheema, Business Law, Syed Mobin Mahmud & Co., Lahore.

4.Govt. of Pakistan. Relevant Acts and Ordinances

5.I.R. Hashmi. A Manual of Mercantile Law.

6.Dr. Avtar Singh, Company Law, Irfan Law Book House, Lahore. 7. Denis Keenan, Smith and Keenan's Company Law, Pitman

Course name: Business Taxation

Books recommended

1.Khawaja Amjad Saeed. Income Tax Law with Practical Problems. Accountancy and Taxation Services Institute, Lahore.

2.Muhammad Muazzam Mughal, Income Tax: Principles and Practice. Syed Mobin Mahmud & Co, Lahore.

3.Muhammad Muazzam Mughal, Sales Tax, Syed Mobin Mahmud & Co. Lahore.

4.Luqman Baig, Income Tax: Problems & Solutions, Karachi.

5.R.I. Naqvi, Income Tax Law. Taxation House, Lahore.

6.R.I Naqvi, Sales Tax Law, Taxation House, Lahore.

7.Govt. of Pakistan. Sales Tax Act.

8.Govt. of Pakistan, Income Tax Ordinance.

9.Luqman Baig, Income Tax Law, Ghazanfar Academy, Karachi.

Course name: Cost Accounting

Books recommended

1.Nisaruddin. Cost Accounting, Aziz. Publishers, Urdu Bazar, Lahore.

2.Matz A., Usry, Cost Accounting, South-Western Publishing Co. Ohio.

3.S. Qavi Ahmad, Cost Accounting.

4.Horngren, Foster & Datar, Cost Accounting, a Managerial Emphasis, South-Western Publishing Co.

5.Hammer, Carter & Usry, Cost Accounting, South-Western Publishing Co.

6.Jack Gray & Ricketts, Cost and Managerial Accounting, McGraw-Hill Book Company.

7.Brock & Palmer, Cost Accounting, Principles and Applications, McGraw-Hill Book Company.

8.T. Lucey, Costing.

Course name: Economics of Pakistan

Books recommended

1.M. Saeed Nasir. Economic Problems of Pakistan. Ilmi Book House, Lahore.

2.Government of Pakistan. Economic Survey.

3.Government of Pakistan. The Five-year plans.

4.Kh.Amjid Saeed Economy of Pakistan.

5.Parvez Hasan, Pakistan's Economy at the Crossroads, past policies and present imperatives, Oxford University Press, Karachi.

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