List of Subjects for Private/Regular BCom Exams of different Universities

B.Com (Bachelors of Commerce) is an undergraduate degree programme in the related subjects of commerce offered by several Universities in Pakistan. There is a wide range of subjects that are taught in B.Com. Students are taught a huge spectrum of management abilities and gain a better understanding of numerous areas in business such as accounting, economics, finance, taxation, management, and insurance. programme is designed effectively in which students enhance their Business skills in themselves. They prepare themselves to work in various sectors in the future. subjects in Pakistan are the same in each University. The Universities have their curriculum through which they taught their students.

Here from this page, you will be able to get all the information about B.Com subjects.

Subjects of B.Com

Those students who enroll in B.Com programme, learn a lot of subjects which is related to Business field. There are different subjects that they have to prepare in B.Com. The subjects include Accountancy, Financial Systems, Taxation, Business Management, Financial Accounting, Business Economics, Company Law, etc.

The students who enter the department of commerce should know the value of the Business study. They must have to prepare for their subjects for 1st year because their further study depends upon it.

Subjects Range of Bachelors of Commerce

Bachelors of Commerce subjects in Pakistan subjects are listed below.

  1. Finance
  2. Law
  3. Accountancy
  4. Statistics
  5. Management
  6. Cost Account
  7. Human Resource
  8. Economics
  9. English
  10. Computer
  11. Marketing

Importance of B.Com Subjects

B.Com degree has great importance in Pakistan. Students learn a variety of subjects that can make them Professional such as Industrial Policies, Accountancy, Finance, Economics, and Business Administration. Through these subjects, students came to know about the Business industry, Business tactics, Business rules, and the growth of Business.

Unlike the BBA, which sets the foundation for management positions, a B.Com degree prepares students for the business world. Students of B.Com expertise their knowledge in entrepreneurship. After completing their degree, students can apply to M.Com for further studies. B.Com is an affordable career and provides many opportunities to students.

Here we mentioned a table of B.Com Hons subjects for the convenience of the students.

B.Com Hons Semester No: 1

Sr. No. Subjects Credit Hours
01 Islamic Studies 2
02 Functional English 3
03 Introduction to Business 3
04 Principles of Accounting 3
05 Micro Economics 3
06 Business Mathematics 3

B.Com Hons Semester No: 2

Sr. No Subjects Credit Hours
01 Pakistan Studies 2
02 Business Communication 3
03 Computer Application in Business 3
04 Financial Accounting 3
05 Macro Economics 3
06 Business Statistics 3

B.Com Hons Semester No: 3

Sr. No Subjects Credit Hours
01 Business Law 3
02 Technical Writing and Presentation Skills 3
03 Introduction to Business Finance 3
04 Advanced Accounting-I 3
05 Economic issues of Pakistan 3
06 Introduction to Psychology and Organization Behavior 3

B.Com Hons Semester No: 4

Sr. No. Subjects Credit Hours
01 Introduction to Sociology 3
02 English-IV / Information Technology in Business 3
03 Cost Accounting 3
04 Advanced Accounting-II 3
05 Principles of Management 3
06 Inferential Statistics 3

B.Com Hons Semester No: 5

Sr. No. Subjects Credit Hours
01 Business Research Methods 3
02 Managerial Economics 3
03 Financial Management 3
04 Principles of Marketing 3
05 Business Ethics and CSR 3
06 Leadership and Community Development 3

B.Com Hons Semester No: 6

Sr. No. Subjects Credit Hours
01 Logic and Critical Thinking 3
02 Principles of Auditing 3
03 Human Resource Management 3
04 Managerial Accounting 3
05 Entrepreneurship and SMEs Management  
06 Corporate Laws and Secretarial Practices 3

B.Com Hons Semester No: 7

Sr. No. Subjects Credit Hours
01 Strategic Management 3
02 Business Taxation 3
03 E-commerce / Computerized Accounting 3
04 Elective-I 3
05 Elective-II 3

B.Com Hons Semester No: 8

Sr. No. Subjects Credit Hours
01 Corporate Governance 3
02 Elective-III 3
03 Elective-IV 3
04 Internship and Viva Voce along with a Course (3+3) / Research Project and Viva Voce (6) / Two Courses and Exam (3+3) 6

B.Com Subjects Part 1 & 2

Here is a list of simple subjects in Pakistan parts 1 & 2 for those students who want to enroll in 2 years programme of Bachelors of Commerce. Part 1 Subjects

Course Code Subject
BC-301 Business Statistics & Mathematics
BC-303 Economics
BC-304 Financial Accounting
BC-302 Computer Application in Business
BC-301 Business Statistics & Mathematics
BC-305 Functional English
BC-306 Introduction to Business
BC-307 Money, Banking and Finance Islamic Studies (Ethical Behavior in
BC-308 lieu of Islamic Studies for Non-Muslim Students) Part 2 Subjects

Course Code Subjects
BC-401 Advanced Financial Accounting
BC-403 Business Communication & Report Writing
BC-402 Auditing
BC-404 Business Law
BC-406 Cost accounting
BC-405 Business Taxation
BC-407 Economics of Pakistan
BC-408 Pakistan Studies

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