Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Mardan (BISE Mardan) has announced the final exams results 2016 for 10th class. According to the published result by authorities of Board, once again girls outperform boys in exams as all the top position are grabbed by female students.

Nowadays, it is getting common that mostly in exams of all levels and grades girls beat boys and here the question is  arise that what is the actual reason behind it? Why boys don’t perform brilliantly in their exams and why they don’t outshine girls in exams.

For this purpose, below we are discussing some points that what the main cause actually is behind this fact and why girls always outperform boys in exams.    

Why always girls outperform boys in exams?

Well! Here I’ll try to give out my answer for this question in light of researches.

The answer to this question lies in the research studies done by different social scientists over the years. The researches reveal the following:

Report One:

The overall system of present schools demands the self-discipline and self-regulation to attain the exceptional grades and good marks. And normally the girls are considered more self-disciplined as compared to boys.

But it is important to mention that here self-discipline means jotting down the notes in the class, paying full attention to teachers as well as remembering the content in a better way. Boys are fundamentally less self-regulated and that’s why they tend to score less as compared to girls.

Report Two:

Girls are more talented and skillful as compared to boys at "paying attention to the teacher than daydreaming", "reading test instructions before going on with the questions".

Actually the girls have that self-control to choose homework over Television. It would not be wrong if we say that girls are more patient and also they have the capability to persist on long-term assignments in spite of getting bored and frustrated. That’s why; girls perform better than boys in schools.

Report Three:

Studies reveal that girls succeed over boys in school because most of them have an inherited feature which makes them appropriate to plan further, set academic goals and put strength in attaining those goals. This skill or talent of girls is known as diligence. Boys are less diligent as compared to girls.

Report Four:

Another study shows that boys are more performance-oriented and they just target the final scores but the girls are constant and organized workers. Girls feel satisfied along with their one year continuous efforts and they tried to impress their teachers with those efforts. On the other hand boys are less concerned regarding impressing their teachers with the continuous hard working and efforts.

My Opinion:

Well! Away from all the above mentioned reports and sayings, according to my view:

In general, girls are more sensitive towards embarrassment. Obtaining bad marks in final results or in general schools tests can be embarrassing to most of the individuals. 

Girls also tend to do things just for the sake of doing it. It doesn't mean that the girls don’t have a sense of what is right or what is wrong for them. Rather, it is actually the effect of the social erection that is more persuaded towards making rules for girls rather than boys in many parts of the world.

Ahead of researches and studies, I have personally seen in institutes that girls are more likely to score better as compared to the boys in a test when they don't even like the subject.

Sometimes the reason behind doing this can even be, "what my parents think of me if I do bad in exam or test?"

What we can do?

So after this whole discussion here another question arise that what can be done to lessen this gap?

In this regard, getting boys to do more homework as well as cut down on screen-time will definitely help. Furthermore, offering boys a chance to read non-fiction will also help: they are stronger on studying magazines and newspapers.

However, most of all, ending gender typecasts will benefit all the aspirants. 

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