Diabetes is a cluster of metabolic sicknesses in which there is high blood sugar levels for a longer period of time. Whereas, the meds such as insulin could control the diabetes and also control the blood sugar levels, there are also a lot of foods which assist you in fight with diabetes. These good food materials can help combat diabetes as well as assist the diabetic people to control their blood sugar levels. These foods not only fight along with diabetes however it may also lead to permanent treatment from diabetes. The Top 10 foods that assist in fight with diabetes are given below:

10. Apples

The food enrich with anthocyanin can assist in fighting with diabetes. These foods comprises of apples as well as blueberries. Eating these foods in a large quantity can assist in controlling diabetes. Apple is already well-known for its high nutrition value as it provides a lot of vitamins and nutrients to the body. As the saying goes, an apple in a day keeps the doctor away and it is undoubtedly a perfect saying. Eating apples as well as the other food rich in anthocyanin are beneficial for fight against diabetes.

9. Dark Choclate

Over the years, the advantages of dark chocolate ate becoming more famous. One main advantage of eating dark chocolate is that it is a super food which fights with diabetes. Dark chocolate recovers your insulin sensitivity and controls the blood sugar levels, and as a result lessens the risk of diabetes as well as of the cardiovascular diseases. These days dark chocolate comes in a lot of varieties and hence you can always choose the one along with the lowest content of sugar.

8. Wheat Bran

Wheat Bran is another food which assists you in fight against diabetes. Wheat bran contains magnesium in a large amount which is very beneficial in controlling the diabetes type 2. Even though, the other sorts of wheat such as whole grain are very good for bodies, wheat bran is also very helpful, particularly for the patients of diabetes. Wheat bran is not only a food that assist in fighting against diabetes however it also prevents cancer, controls the blood pressure as well as maintains blood sugar levels in the human body.

7. Nuts

Eating some nuts everyday can actually assist you in fight against diabetes. The nuts just not assist you in increasing your good cholesterol however it also lessen the risk of you getting the diabetes. Nuts such as the pistachios are an exceptional source of protein and you can simply substitute chips as well as the other junk food along with pistachios as well as the same nuts.

6. Strawberries

As per many researches, getting more vitamin C can assist you in preventing diabetes. The food materials such as oranges and strawberries are enriching with vitamin C and hence lessen the risk of getting diabetes. You can take strawberries in a lot of ways. You can make drinks, milkshakes or take them as they are.

5. Cinnamon

We all love to eat the cinnamon cookies however cinnamon itself is an exceptional source of prevention from diabetes. This is because cinnamon lessens the blood sugar levels. It does not only control your blood sugar level to high diabetes however it also lessens the cholesterol and recovers the insulin sensitivity.

4. Brown Rice

Diabetes is the main of damaging our blog vessels. As per the Medical College of Georgia, begin rice comprises of a compound which upkeeps the damaged blog vessels. That’s why If you are looking to fight with diabetes then start eating brown rice.

3. Cloves

Cloves as well as the other same spices contain antioxidants which stop inflammation produced by diabetes. Including some other spices in your food, you can definitely prevent yourself from diabetes.

2. Spinach

Spinach, just similar to all the other leafy green vegetables, is a nutritious powerhouse. Spinach is another food which helps us in fighting against diabetes. Eating spinach lessen the danger of getting diabetes. Spinach just not provide you with all the essential nutrients however it will also helps in diabetes prevention.

1. Turmeric

As per the latest research, turmeric is an exceptional weapon used against diabetes. Turmeric comprises of a compound known as Curcumin. This compound deferrals the spread of diabetes. As per the research carried out by Diabetes Care journal, the individuals having turmeric in their diet did not deal with diabetes. Even though, the research is still in its initial stage, the signs seem promising and if you are searching for a super food to assist in fighting against, turmeric is the name of the fixture.


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