It's Pakistan dear, you can either go to Medical or engineering. Who does arts?

"What should I opt for my career? Medical or Engineering"

"Tell me which degree is better for me so that I can earn good afterwards?"

"I want to do that kind of degree which will land me a better job or business"

"It's Pakistan dear, you can either go to Medical or engineering. Who does arts? Artists can't feed their families"

And this never-ending list of questions goes on and on. Well, we all are familiar with such kind of questions and confusions we encounter during our early years of education. All children and students need guidance and counseling regarding their subjects selection however, the sad part is that most of the students don't actually have a clear view regarding their interests and passion. As a result, most of the students end up selecting wrong subject specialization for them under the influence of their parents, elders or the society. Such kind of enforced and ignorant decisions are definitely ruining the future of our young generation and are harmful to the society itself.

ilmkidunya has taken this initiative to break the stereotypical culture in Pakistan and is starting a series of articles specially designed for Pakistani students to help them uncover their hidden talents and to help them identify their aptitude so that they can choose right subjects for them. If students are able to identify their own aptitudes and choose the subjects according to their interest, then they will be able to perform better in their practical lives. In our series of Career Counseling, we will be focusing on following major areas:

  • Breaking Stereotypes – starting point
  • Identifying own aptitude – Aptitude Test
  • Subject Specialization
  • Career Counseling – Beginning
  • Career Growth – Future Prospects

This article is mainly focused on how to mitigate the typical thinking of society which lets the students to make wrong decisions regarding subject selection. We intend to break the stereotypical thinking of society regarding the subject specialization and to change the perception of society regarding various myths regarding education and career.

Medical v/s Engineering

This is a war in Pakistan since ages. Unfortunately, we do not consider any other subject specialization as interest or passion. Artists are not given due respect and recognition in our society. Other specializations like English, Urdu literature are not considered as some professional studies. The only two degrees that can enable students to earn better drill down to either Engineering or Medical and this race of merit has led the students to cram the books rather than understanding the main concept. It's time to understand that all other subjects are equally important to help the society to grow. Data science, data analytics, web development, graphic designing, digital designing, blogging, bio-informatics and bioengineering are going to be the next big thing. Pakistan doesn't have enough people specializing in Urdu in order to translate Engineering, Medical and other English Literature books in Urdu. It's time to recognize all other subjects as formal specializations and to let the students and children decide in accordance to their interests.

Aptitude Test

University have been taking aptitude tests for a long time however, the basic essence of these tests is still unfulfilled. These aptitude tests are the main source of income for the academies which let the students to cram the books by heart without understanding the main concept. However, the main idea behind the aptitude tests is to identify the interests of students. The schools are actually responsible to take aptitude tests at different levels and to collaborate with their parents regarding the test results. These aptitude tests should be taken after 6th, 8th and 10th grades to identify interests and passion of students.

Well students, stay tuned with next episodes of ilmKedunya articles. In the next article, we will be talking in detail regarding self-assessment and how to identify your own aptitude without any external help.

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