How to Control Nightmares

Are you suffering from nightmares you honestly need to know these things? Dreams are something which kept busy our mind to fancied thing while our body is on rest this is a very obvious thing we all have dreams while sleeping.

Dreams are the way we contact with that thing which we can't approach in existence, people have the problem of the NIGHTMARES. We report nightmares as bad dreams. Though it's a natural thing but sometimes it effects badly on a person's mental condition. If nightmares are continuously troubling your sleep you get up and then cannot go for a sound sleep then it could be a sleep disorder.


Mostly nightmares are associated with children but it is a fact that adult and teen also experiences nightmares. People suffers from chronic and rescanning nightmares.

Nightmares most of the time are associated with reality its show real images of your memory, thoughts, and emotion it makes you conscious your heart start beating speedily and sometimes its force you to wake up from your sound sleep. The images sometimes become terrible to shake from your memory.


The only difference is the timing of having nightmares and night terror.

Nightmare mostly occur during the last hours of the night. You feel like falling from the height it frightened you and sometimes the memory come before your eyes like images and you relive that moment which never wants to be again.

When you are suffering from the anxiety, restlessness, some type of business issue or some family problem then it is your troubles and worries which are chasing you through your dreams. There is many approved theories about NIGHTMARES but beyond of our understanding. It is said that women have more NIGHTMARES problems than men. It's all because of anxiety stress and depression which can only control by relaxing yourself.

An another cause called sleep disorder if you having continuously that nightmares you may be suffering from sleep disorder its effect bad on health you should seek the help of a doctor in this case.


  1. First thing is you have to take proper diet .eating healthy food will help you to get sound sleep.
  2. People suffering from nightmares should prevent eating before going to bed. Food gives energy to metabolism and give signals to the brain to work actively should avoid eating the oily things junk food and cold drinks before sleep.
  3. Stress because bad dreams .so you should try to relax before going to bed and go to bed with calm and clean mind.
  4. Yoga and meditation should help you to relax yourself don't watch horror or scary stuff from going to bed sometimes it caused anxiety for mind and start visualizing what you had watched before so don't do this mistake because there will be no one to hear your scream.


  1. Do what you like the most for your relaxation go for a walk to some park or such places full with greenery can help to relax.
  2. Spend some quality time with your friends and share with them your feelings.
  3. Listen to soft music to ease your nerves.
  4. Live in the way you are happy.


  1. If you are on some kind of medication you should learn about its side effects it can cause nightmares.
  2. Antidepressant and highly blood pressure's medicine can effect in such way that you start having nightmares.
  3. Sometimes the change of dosage of some particular drug, bad dreams should subside once your body adjust.
  4. Think about happy thing before bed.
  5. Find some places you love and spend time there.
  6. Keep your room clean and neat.
  7. Prevent watching and listening horror thing.


  1. Take full sound sleep though you are having bad dreams which force you to wake from sleep just go to bed with believing you not going to have bad dream tonight it will help you will get fewer nightmares.
  2. Exercise on daily basis also help you to calm your abundance of stress choose some healthy moves for exercise may it take some time but practice makes man perfect.
  3. All these suggested things don't stop having nightmares go to a doctor for proper treatment.


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