Method to Memorize the Topics Fast for Board Exams

By Naha 18/10/2023 12:57 PM

Try to understand your information

It is important to know the depth of the information which you’re going to learn and prepare for your exams. Understanding a topic you select will make it 50 times easier to learn and memorize.

Memory Palace method

A technique that helps is to recall and memory retention. It entails putting information to remember in precise places with an imagined physical space, like a structure or a castle.

Learn with 3 R’s method

The method will improve your memory, and train your fluid intelligence. Remember the information , Recall it and Retain the topic

Write it Method

All you have to do is learn the topic, write it down on a sheet and do it.. The act of writing down helps you commit it to memorize more accurately.

Space Repetition Method

Spreading out your study reviews over a few days is known as spaced repetition. you might review the material, after a few hours, days, or weeks later, you might actively remember it.

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