PU Lahore BS Zology Result 2018 | Punjab University BS Zology Result 2018


Punjab University BS Zology Result 2018

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Punjab University BS Zoology Result is posted on our website as per schedule. The readers of our website can avail the services of our online results system.

Punjab University is highly sought after and reputed University of Pakistan. Majority of students belonging from various cities of Pakistan have desire to study in Punjab University. It is one of the oldest Universities of the country as well, having established in 1882. As per calculations, 45,000 students are enrolled in PU and the ratio rises annually. The university has a huge challenge to manage thousands of applications for admissions and monitor entry tests and merit lists. Out of hundreds entry tests candidates, many talented students fail to get a spot in PU by the margin of a single point.

It is a public research University and has been affiliated with Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), Pharmacy Council of Pakistan, Pakistan Bar Council and Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners. The Zoology Department of Punjab University was established decades ago in 1921. Initially it was performing its functions in the building of Government College Lahore, later it shifted into new campus of Punjab University. It is consisted with necessary lab equipments and facilities for practical related to the subject. The department has produced a large number of competent and talented graduates in BS zoology.

Zoology department is offering research based courses and specialization of the subject as well. The research programmes conducted by Zoology department of Punjab University in the fields of Molecular Biology, Physiology, Developmental Biology, Entomology, Palaeontology, Parasitology and Fisheries and several others have contributed immensely for further advancements and discoveries. The annual passing rate of graduates in Zoology subject has been satisfactory.

The department is offering BS, MS, MSc, and PhD courses in the subject of Zoology. The graduates of PU are providing their services in professional fields effectively and productively. The professions which can be adopted after graduation in Zoology subject are available in Pakistan Agriculture Research Council, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, Researchers-cum-administrator, Provincial Fisheries Departments, Health Departments, Livestock Departments and Pest Control industries.

Zoology has great importance in economy and marine field of a country. Through its studies a lot can be contributed in the fields of education, health, agriculture, industry and environment sectors, especially for marine and fisheries department of Pakistan. The faculty of the department is consisted of 5 Professors, 3 Associate Professor, 17 Assistant Professors and 4 Lecturers and 2 contract teachers. The students of FSC have many options of courses to pursue their studies in field of science like Zoology.

In fact, there is a lot of room for progress and research for alumni of Zoology subject. The department of Zoology of PU is nationally and internationally recognized and it is progressing in the field swiftly. It is one of the oldest in the field as well. The lucky pupils who get a chance to be admitted in its courses and programmes excel in life.

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