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Punjab University Lahore BS Sociology Result 2018

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The result of BS Sociology Punjab University is being published as per schedule in our website. The students of sociology Punjab University department can visit our website for updates about results. The department of Sociology Punjab University was established in 1955. It has updated and developed various courses and programmes related to subject of Sociology over several decades of its establishment. Sociology is branch of Behavioral and Social Sciences. The department has a merit for admissions for Bs, MS, Mphill and PhD Classes. The students can choose evening and morning classes and self based quota for admissions is also available.

 The subject of sociology deals with study of various aspects of structure, development and function of human society.It is scientific study on the basis of which societies are formed such as: social interaction, social relationships, and culture and customs of countries. In its vast studies, sociology is concerned with critical analysis of social structure and its impact in family, class, community and overall society. Through deep analysis, the reason behind crimes and social activities is derived for solution and formation of a healthy society. Though it is more of a theoretical subject but it has scientific essence and its studies is basis of educated and developed societies.

On professional level, the graduates of sociology subject can work at academic institutions, public administration, social services, criminal justice systems, and various public and private agencies. It is not less important than any other scientific field in fact, it is more important as it is concerned with daily life, crimes and deeper sections of human life. No society has ever developed without adopting right values and customs and also by mending wrong and diseased mental outlooks. The research and training section of sociology department Punjab University has contributed greatly to the society by its productive research programs and well trained graduates.

The faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences is consisted of: Department of Political Science, Department of Social Work, and Institute of Communication Skills, Institute of Social & Cultural Studies, Department of Criminology, Department of Development Studies, Department of Gender Studies, Department of Population Sciences, Department of Public Health and Department of Sociology. Sociology is mainly concerned with scientific methods and techniques directed at reformation of society and bringing back the victims and affected people to normal life.

The researches on sociology educate the politicians, policy makers, teachers, developers, legislators, social work organizations and social activists the right way to tackle social issues through means of scientific and qualitative and quantitative techniques of sociology. Through right and wide spread utilization of sociology, a peaceful, healthy, productive and progressive society can be formed. It is not an easy field to adopt as a profession only those who are passionate about reforming lives of others can embrace this field and excel.

The sociology department of Punjab University is one of the oldest and most developed faculties of Punjab University. Students belonging from all over the country interested to study sociology try to take admission in Punjab University.

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