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Punjab University BS.ED Result 2018


The results of BS Education will be available on this page as soon as they are being announced by Punjab University officially. The anxiously waiting students can avail their results here without any delay.

The Bs Education programme is divided into time span of 4 years. The eligibility criteria for admissions in BS Education program is designed as: the student must have an F.Sc (Pre-Medical/Pre-Engineering)/ICS or equivalent degree with English and Urdu compulsory plus any two subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics. Further admission criteria formula is calculated as 1/4th of total marks obtained in SSC + Total marks obtained in F.Sc divided by relevant base score x 100 and additional 20 marks are given to Hafiz-e-Quran.

The subject of education covers a broad range of fields and schools of thoughts. It is extremely broad field of studies. It deals with the process of learning, acquiring knowledge, skills, techniques, values, behaviors, beliefs and habits. In its details, it is concerned with an in depth study of learning through discussions, impact of habits in one’s life, academic training, teaching and research. The professions related to subject of education are mostly present at teaching field.

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