PU Lahore BS Economics Result 2018 | Punjab University BS Economics Result 2018

The results of BS Economics Punjab University Lahore will be posted in our website as per the schedule of the University. The eagerly waiting students of BS Economics results can avail online results services of our website. We are here to provide access to your results in just one click. The students of BS Economics will not need to surf through the internet to get their results; our website will post it here for their convenience.

The highly prestigious and oldest department of Punjab University was established in 1919. It is providing higher education courses and programs on the subject of economics such as : M.Sc. (Economics), Master of Business Economics (MBEcon), M. Phil. and Ph.D. degrees and Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Economics (PGDAE) and BS Economics.

The department undertakes research programmes on various sections of economics. The curriculum for various courses of economics being taught at economics department of Punjab University has been designed by experts of the field namely: E. C. Gonver, S. G. Champman, Sidney Webb and Mrs. Webb, Alfred Marshall, A. L. Bowley and J. M. Keynes.

The department has its own library and computer lab which has all the necessary books and equipments required by students. Regular seminars and conferences are organized by the department to equip its students with awareness and confidence to present their ideas. The graduates of PU Economics department have wide field of career after graduating.

The curriculum of programmes being taught by economics department Punjab University are sketched with the aim to provide students with practical and applicable learning of the general concepts learned from economic theory and methods to specific fields of economics, encourage students to use their knowledge for the welfare of the society as a whole, make them understand the economic way of thinking, which is a perquisite for analyzing the economic problem of choice and scarcity.

The focus of teachers of Punjab University Economics department is to develop the ability in students to apply principles of economics when faced with the problems of conflicting goals and uncertainty and educate them in developing an understanding of how markets operate, the role of supply and demand, the efficient advantages of a market system, and the conditions and public policies which are compulsory for markets and economy to operate effectively.

The students of commerce and economics from all over Pakistan have an inspiration to be educated at the economics department of Punjab University. Every year, the department receives immense number of application for admissions from all over Pakistan. The merit is high and entry tests are also taken for several courses. The students can avail morning and evening classes.

Punjab University has gained such respect and high reputation in Pakistan and internationally because of high quality of education. It can be said that Punjab University has developed and progressed and made its mark in higher education system due to honesty and hard work. The faculty members in all of Punjab University’s departments including economics department are highly qualified and efficient.


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