Punjab University BS Environmental Science Result 2020

The BS Environmental Science Results of Punjab University are updated in our website as per schedule. The students must keep visiting our website for latest updates regarding BS Environmental Science Results. It is an important field of science. The department issues separate lists for merit and self supporting candidates for both morning and evening classes. The programs and courses are designed in semester wise system. The subject of science is not limited to MMBS and engineering only, it has vast number of fields including environmental sciences. A set of new opportunities open for intermediate students in BS. Every year, the merit for admissions in Punjab University Environmental Sciences department rises due to high competition.

The Environmental Science or Earth Sciences department of Punjab University is offering various programmes for BS, MS, MPhill, and PhD classes. Environment or Earth Sciences is that field of science which deals with the study of physical, biological and information to study various aspects of environment. It is certainly a very important field of science as it is concerned with atmosphere and its changes and the research to tackle rapidly damaging factors affecting the environment.

The Environmental Sciences Department of Punjab University is highly reputed for offering best studies and research programs in this field. It is one of the oldest departments in the country for environmental sciences. Because of complexity and importance of this subject, the University has set high standards of studies and its faculty is consisted of highly qualified professors. The research programs being conducted by Punjab University Environmental Department have contributed greatly for progress in this field.

The College of Earth and Environmental Sciences Punjab University offers programs including: Diploma or Postgraduate Diploma (01 Year) in Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) (Self-Supporting & Evening Program), BS Environmental Science Morning, BS Environmental Science (Self Supporting), MS/M.Phil Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) (Regular/Self-Supporting), M.Phil Applied Hydrology, M.Phil Geomatics (Regular/Self-Supporting), M.Sc. Seismology (Self-Supporting), MS Environmental Sciences (Morning/Self-Supporting), M.Sc. Applied Hydrology, M.Sc Tourism & Hospitality Management, M.Sc Environmental Sciences (Self Supporting), M.Sc Tourism & Hospitality Management (Self Supporting), M.Sc Environmental Sciences, Ph.D. Environmental Sciences, Ph.D Applied Hydrology and Ph.D Geomatics.

The department has well equipped and proficient scientific laboratories and libraries for students. Apart from that the department has issued various research publications and books on environmental sciences which have contributed in prevention of environmental degradation. The studies related earth sciences have vital role in formulizations of environmental policy of any country. The generation of remedies and technologies for hazardous particulate matter and atmospheric pollution are related to eartch sciences as well.

The environment has deep impact on health of human beings, plants and animals. The degradation of environment is immensely affected by utilization of fertilizers, pesticides, and heavy metals. Although, worldwide researched and progressive measures are being taken to tackle this cause but still there is a lot to be done. Through development of Environmental sciences field in Pakistan, numerous benefits can be achieved. Employment opportunities can be achieved, effective use of pesticides and fertilizers can be made, and medications to remedy environmental pollution can be formulized.

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