Are you the buyers of the prize bond of Rs. 7,500 and are searching for the prize bond results? Well, you are in the right place now. Here you can get all the updates of latest updates on prize bond result 7500 and all other related information that you want to know. Prize bond of Rs. 7,500 is one of the total 09 dimensions of the prize bond introduced by the State Bank Of Pakistan.

Check All Rs. 7,500 Prize Bond Results Here

Users are offered complete updates on the 7500 prize bond schedule 2024. Throughout the year users are offered complete updates on the prize bond of Rs. 7, 500 and when they are drawn the latest results are also shown here on this page. Users are offered the general idea that the result of the prize bond of Rs. 7,500 is held quarterly and throughout the year almost 4 draws are done. You can get the complete chart of the draw that when the draws will be held in 2024. Users are also informed that the different major cities are allocated to draw the result of the prize bonds. They can also get the complete details of the places or cities where the draws of the prize bond of Rs. 7,500 will be held.

However, if you have any other query related to prize bond draw 7500 you can contact us. Moreover, for any serious issues regarding prize bonds details and claiming of winning prize users are advised to contact the National Savings Centers directly.

Buy/Sell Rs. 7,500 Prize Bonds

Users sometimes look worried while buying/selling the prize bonds. We know that because of the increasing number of fraud cases in the prize bonds people are getting worried while purchasing the bonds. Actually, the fraudulent cases come to see when people buy the prize bond 7500 from the local dealers available on the streets or roads. To avoid these fraudulent cases, users are advised to buy Rs. 7,500 prize bonds from the authorized dealers. For example, you have to buy prize bonds from the National Saving Centers or the designated branches of the commercial banks. You are not allowed to pay extra money to buy the prize bonds. Prize bonds are available in the same amount of the worth they have.

Users who do not want to have prize bond more they can sell the prize bonds whenever they want. Users can sell the prize bonds to the same places from where they had bought them. But, you are advised to beware while buying or selling the prize bonds. Moreover, users are also informed that the prize bonds do not expire until the national prize bond scheme will end.

Authorized Banks For Prize Bonds

The main source to buy or sell the prize bonds is the national savings centers that are established in particular areas. Besides these saving centers, another option to buy or sell the prize bonds or to claim the winning amount is to contact the designated branches of several commercial banks. The following is the list of the banks that are authorized for this purpose:

  1. MCB Bank Limited
  2. Habib Bank Limited
  3. National Bank of Pakistan
  4. Bank Alfalah Limited
  5. United Bank Limited
  6. Allied Bank Limited

For the 7500 prize bond list and all other queries, users are advised to contact any of these banks near to their houses. First confirmed whether the branch is designated for the National prize bond scheme or not and then go to purchase or sell the prize bonds.

Is It Worth Purchasing Rs. 7,500 Prize Bonds

Every prize bond has its worth. Similarly, the prize bond of Rs. 7,500 does have. People buy prize bonds according to their choices or needs. People do invest money according to their budgets and also they want to get money according to their needs. The first prize of the prize bond f Rs. 7,500 is 15,000,000. The first prize is offered to only one user. The second prize is Rs. 5,000,000. The second prize is given to 3 winners separately. Moreover, the amount of the third prize is 93,000. The third prize is given to 1696 winners. The prizes with the same amounts will be issued for the 7500 prize bond result 2024.

So, if you can invest 7,500 rupees then you are recommended to buy this prize bond because it comes with good rewards. In generally talking if you cannot win the first prize or even the second prize then the third prize will also be enough amount against the amount you invest to buy this prize bond. Moreover, the third prize is allocated to 1696 users, so, the chances to win the prize are high.

Any Tricks Or Formulas To Win the Prize Bonds 

Sometimes it comes to hear that people have some tricks and formulas by applying which they can get the idea that what number of prize bond will be nominated as the winner. But, users are informed that from previous experiences or from other ideas and knowledge one can only give the ideas that what number can be nominated. However, there is no confirmation one can get that what number will exactly be nominated for the winners. So, keep yourself away from these ideas. This is a lottery and the lottery depends upon your luck. We would like to give the best wishes to the users who are staying for the latest updates on the prize bond of Rs. 7,500 and are waiting for the coming draw ceremony or result of the bond.

Users are also informed that they can also attend the draw ceremony of the particular prize bonds personally. For this purpose, users have to contact the national saving centers where the draw ceremony is going to be held. Then you can attend the ceremony. Users are suggested to keep the national identity card with them for security purposes. But, the easiest way to check the result is through the prize bond list 7500 online check that you can check for this webpage too. However, in case if you win the prize then you can claim your bond to any nearer designated branch of the authorized commercial banks or you can also visit the national saving centers.

Most of the users asked about the prize bond claim process. Well, you are informed that the process is quite simple. You are just required to get and fill a claim form or application. You will be required to attach a copy of your national identity card or original prize bond and you will get your prize within 3 to 4 days after applying. For your safety, you are recommended not to tell anyone if you have won the prize. You have the option to claim your money within 06 years after the draw is held. But, for security issues, you are recommended to apply claim as soon as possible.

National Prize Bond Scheme

At the end of the discussion, we would like to share a general idea with the users that what the national prize bond scheme is. Well, after the establishment of Pakistan, the scheme was first introduced in 1960 with only one dimension of the prize bond Rs. 10. The scheme was very much appreciated by people and it gradually became a trend among people. Gradually, the dimensions got extended and today we can find almost 09 dimensions for the prize bond and these are including Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs. 1,500, Rs. 7,500, Rs. 15,000, Rs. 25,000, Rs. 40,000, and Rs. 40,000 premium bonds.

Keep in mind that for every single prize bond the schedule is different. Moreover, the prize bond awards and draw areas for every single bond are also different. Here we are not only facilitating users with the prize bond schedule or result for the Rs. 7,500 prize bond. But, users can find the complete schedules and results of all the bonds. So, you are recommended to join us today to be up-to-date about the prize bond list 7500 all. Moreover, you are also requested to invite your friends and other acquaintances to join us for today 7500 prize bond list 2024 and all others.

FAQs About Rs. 7,500 Prize Bonds

What is the draw schedule for the 7,500 prize bond 2024?

Every year, Rs. 7,500 prize bond draw is held four times a year. The same schedule will also happen in 2024. But, keep in mind that the draw dates will be different than the previous schedule or 2020 schedule.

Can I Buy a prize bond of Rs. 7,500 online?

No, you cannot buy a prize bond of Rs. 7,500 online. Actually, you can never buy any prize bond online. Users are offered the prize bonds only through the national savings centers or the authorized branches of some commercial banks. Moreover, for the convenience of users, some authorized dealers are also available in almost all the major cities of Pakistan who provide prize bonds of all dimensions.

What is the winning amount of the prize bond of Rs. 7,500?

The winning prize of the prize bond of Rs. 7,500 is 15,000,000. To claim your award you have to contact any national savings centers near your home and after submitting the claim form or application you will be provided your cash or money within 3 to 4 days.


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