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Updated 30-Jan-2023
According to the latest updates, Islamabad Police will update you on the Written Test Result 2023 by sms and also inform you about the interview date and time. The interview has been started on January 23, 2023 and will remain for two weeks. Candidates are advised to visit our website on daily basis for updates from Islamabad Police Written Test Result 2023.
Updated 23-Jan-2023
Candidates who have successfully passed the Islamabad Police Written Test for the Constable post will receive a notification via SMS regarding their interview date and time. These interviews will start on January 23rd, 2023 and will continue for a period of two weeks. Candidates can check their Islamabad Police Result 2023 by receiving messages officially.

Islamabad Capital Police Result 2023

The Islamabad Capital Police is in charge of maintaining public safety and upholding law and order in Islamabad, Pakistan. The agency has a number of divisions, including the Operations Wing, Criminal Investigation Agency (CIA), Traffic Police, and Special Branch, and is led by the Inspector General of Police (IGP). The Islamabad Capital Police is dedicated to maintaining the law and providing a safe and secure environment for Islamabad's residents. Each year, the test for the Islamabad Capital Police is conducted. For the year 2023, the result of the written test has been declared on 30-Jan-2023. You can verify your result by going to the given link. 

Updated 17-Jan-2023
Students are apprised that Islamabad Capital Police has announced the Islamabad Police Written Test Result 2023 on January 17, 2023 officially. Students can check their ICT Written Test Result 2023 online from our website. For further updates about Islamabad Capital Police Result 2023 keep visiting our website on daily basis.
Updated 30-Dec-2023
There is an important update for the candidates, Islamabad Capital Police ICT has announced the Driver Passing Candidates List 2023 on December 30, 2023 officially. Candidates can check the ICT Result 2023 from our website. Keep visiting our website for daily updates.

Responsibilities of Islamabad Capital Police

There are a number of responsibilities are there of the Islamabad Capital Police.

  1. Upholding law and order The police are in charge of upholding law and order in the city, stopping crimes, and defending residents and their belongings.
  2. Investigating crimes The Criminal Investigation Agency (CIA) is in charge of looking into crimes and prosecuting offenders.
  3. Traffic control The Traffic Police division is in charge of directing traffic, guaranteeing road safety, and taking action to stop traffic infractions.
  4. Security for VIPs, foreign diplomats, and other visitors visiting the capital is the responsibility of the Special Branch.
  5. Emergency services during natural disasters and other crises are also the responsibility of the police.
  6. Community policing Through a variety of community policing initiatives, the police force also places a strong emphasis on developing community trust and fostering mutual respect.


Quick Updates o the Result of Islamabad Capital Police

Here we have mentioned the quick updates regarding the result for your ease.

  • Institute: Islamabad Capital Police.
  • Year: 2023
  • Result status: Announced
  • Result announcement date: 30 Jan 2023



Eligibility to Appear in the Exam of Islamabad Capital Police.

To appear in the test, applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 25. The age limit is varying on the positions. 

  1.  Candidates must possess a matriculation certificate or an equivalent as a minimum educational requirement. However, some jobs need a higher level of education, such as an intermediate degree or a college degree.
  2. Candidates must be nationals of Pakistan.
  3. Candidates must adhere to the police department's requirements for physical fitness. This could involve standards like height, weight, chest size, and general level of fitness. 
  4. Candidates must be residents of the province they are applying to.
  5.  There must be no criminal history of the candidate.

Check Online Islamabad Capital Police Test Result

To check the result online, you must click on the link below named “Check result 2023”. You will be linked to the official page from there. Enter the required information and verify your result. 



Passing Marks to Clear the Test Result

It is significant to note that the precise passing marks or marks needed to pass the Islamabad Capital Police test result may change depending on the position and test. Candidates are recommended to look out for the precise requirements for the position they are interested in on the police department's official website or in the job posting.