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Updated 09-Jan-2023
Here is some important announcement for the candidates, International Bebras Informatics Contest IBIC has announced the Annual Result 2023 on January 09, 2023. Candidates are advised to check their IBIC Result 2023 online from our website. Keep in touch with us for more latest updates about education.

International Bebras Informatics Contest IBIC Result 2023

The International Bebras Informatics Contest (IBIC) attempts to encourage computational thinking and informatics among schoolchildren. It is a worldwide educational initiative.

The IBIC's main objective is to get students involved in addressing a variety of difficult problems including computational thinking, logic, and algorithms. It challenges students to analyze issues, formulate solutions, and think critically. The event is separated into many levels based on the age ranges of the contestants. The puzzles at each level are tailored to the student's cognitive skills and computational understanding. 

However, as per the latest news, all the students who were anxiously waiting for their IBIC result 2023 are informed that the result has been declared on Feb. 17, 2023. You can check the result by following the procedure which is given on this page.


Quick Information on the Result

Read the given points to get quick information on the IBIC result.

  • Test Name: International Bebras Informatics Contest 
  • Year: 2023
  • Result status: Announced
  • Result announcement date: Feb. 17, 2023



How to Check the Result of IBIC?

To check the result of IBIC, you must have to follow the given procedure below. 

Step 1: Click on the given link below for verifying your result.

Step 2: A file will appear on your screen.

Step 3: Select the year (2023)

Step 4: Select the option of verifying results from (Search by institution/ Search by student) emphasize.

Step 5: Enter your institution code and click on submit to check the result.



Introduction of IBIC 

An interesting international program called the International Bebras Informatics Contest (IBIC) invites students to learn more about computational thinking and informatics. It offers a stage for young brains to demonstrate their creativity, logical reasoning, and problem-solving capabilities. The competition is accessible to kids of all ages and is held in several countries throughout the world.

The IBIC's main objective is to promote computational thinking as a necessary skill for the twenty - first century. Computational thinking is essential for comprehending and resolving complex issues, whether they are related to science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or everyday life, in a world that is becoming more digital and networked.

In addition to providing a forum for constructive competition, the IBIC also promotes a welcoming and cooperative learning environment. It fosters discussion among students, helps them absorb new concepts, and helps them gain a worldwide perspective on computational thinking.

Outstanding participants are recognized and awarded rewards, giving them well-deserved credit for their accomplishments. These rewards, which can range from prizes and scholarships to certificates of participation and achievement, encourage students to succeed and pursue their interests in informatics and computer science.



When the IBIC Declares the Result?

The announcement of the IBIC results in Pakistan can change from year to year, thus for the most precise and recent information, it is best to consult official sources or get in touch with the contest's organizers in Pakistan. You are recommended to visit us for the latest updates. ilmkidunya is the best network to provide authentic information about education.