Sargodha Board Result 2022 Updates

Students of class 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th are welcome to this page. We are here to give you all the latest updates regarding your BISE Sargodha board result in 2022. First of all, it is to be remembered that the BISE  Board comes under the Punjab Board. The examination session of matric and inter for both parts has been administered by the Board. The Sargodha Board announced the final result of matric. However, the inter result has yet to be declared. 

You will get all the result related information from this page. 


BISE Sargodha Board Highlights


Quick Summary on 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Result 2022

Candidates who came here to get the updates and know the dates for their result are advised to carefully reading the table below. 

Sargodha Board Result Dates:

9th class result date

19th September (announced)

10th class result date

31st August (announced)

11th class result date

19th November 2022

12th class result date

20th October 2022.


Overview of Sargodha Board

In 1968, the BISE Sargodha Board was established. All regular and private students can appear in the annual and supplementary exams which are administered by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Sargodha. The Sargodha Board is responsible to provide the complete results, roll number, datasheet and admissions information on its time. All of you are advised to keep visiting our website for more updates regarding the results of Sargodha Board.

The areas that come under the Sargodha Board are available here.

  • Sargodha District
  • Khushab District
  • Mianwali District
  • Bhakkar District



Matric Results of BISE Sargodha Board 2022

The students who have appeared in the final exams of matric part 1 and 2 are informed that the matric results 2022 sargodha board has been announced. Various techniques can be used to verify your results. Both offline and online ways are available for checking the outcome. The matric part 1 results were released by Sargodha Board in September 2022. However, the Matric Part 2 results were released in August 2022.


9th Class Result Announcement of BISE Sargodha Board

The most recent notification from the Sargodha Board states that the BISE Sargodha result for the 9th class 2022 was released on September 19, 2022. The announcement of the final results was eagerly anticipated by the students after the examination period. You can now verify your marks by going to the Sargodha Board's official website. On this page, you can find all the information related to the results.

9th Class Result Status: (Announced)

  1. The Sargodha Board has administered the 9th class exams.
  2. The result can be verified by using different methods.
  3. Students are required to receive at least 33% marks in their papers.
  4. The Sargodha Board is responsible to declare the result on its schedule. 
  5. If a student intends to retake the second annual exam, it is advised that they bring their roll number slips to the exam room.


Result Updates on 10th Class 2022 Sargodha Board   

The Sargodha Board administers the 10th-grade exams each year. According to the Board's issued schedule, students appear in the exams. The Sargodha Board releases the names of the top students prior to the announcement of the results. However, it should be remembered that on August 31, 2022, the BISE sargodha result for class 10 was released. On the Sargodha Board's official website, you can check your results. The result can be checked by various ways. 

10th Class Result Status: (Announced)

  1. The class 10 result was announced in August 2022.
  2. The Board has revealed the names of the top students.
  3. Toppers were rewarded with prizes from the Board.
  4. There are several ways for students to check their results, including their roll number, SMS, name, and the gazette.
  5. The Sargodha Board gave rewards to the top students on the result day.


Result Updates on SSC of BISE Sargodha Board 2022

The BISE Sargodha Board has conducted the annual SSC exams, All SSC part 1 and 2 candidates have appeared in the exam hall according to the given dates by the Board. SSC exams were administered by the Sargodha Board in May. Students who participated in the annual session of 2022 are informed that the results for both parts of the SSC 2022 have been released.  The SSC result can be checked by various ways. The Sargodha Board's official website allows students to view the results online.

SSC Result Status: (Announced)

  1. If a candidate fails in the 1st annual examination, they may retake the papers.
  2. The Sargodha Board has released the schedule for the second annual exam.
  3. The 2nd annual examination session is going to be held.
  4. After the exam session, the results of the second annual examination will be released.
  5. The Sargodha Board has announced the results of the 1st annual exams.



Updates on Intermediate of BISE Sargodha Board Result 2022 

The BISE Sargodha Board comes under the Punjab Board. The Board gives all the result related information on a specific time. Students of the Sargodha Board have appeared in a large amount in the annual session of intermediate exams. Now all the candidates are eagerly waiting for their final result. 

It is to be noted that the result of the Sargodha Board has yet to be announced. Additionally, the Sargodha Board reveals the date of Intermediate part 1 and 2 result. You can get all the result related information from our website ilmkidunya


Result Information of Sargodha Board 2022 for Class 11th

Candidates who took the exams for the 11th grade are informed that the BISE sargodha result for the class of 2022 has not yet been released. In June 2022, the 11th class's final exams were held. The Sargodha Board revealed the annual result date for the 11th grade. The 11th class results will be released on November 19, 2022. This is the official date of the result that is declared by the Sargodha Board. Students are also encouraged to stay in touch with us. If the timetable is altered in any way, we'll let you know.

11 Class Result Status: (Not Announced)

  1. The 11th class papers have been conducted by the Sargodha Board. 
  2. The results have not been released yet.
  3. In November 2022, the results will be made public.
  4. The gazette file will be posted on our website.
  5. The Gazette contains the results for the 11th class.
  6. Candidates can access our website to view the results information.


Result Updates on 12 Class 2022 of Sargodha Board 

The most recent statement from the Sargodha Board informs that the 12 class exams have been completed. The final exam session is now over. Results are still being awaited by candidates. To check their grades and their struggles throughout the year. Students are anticipating the announcement of the results. The date of the annual result for the 12th class is announced by the BISE Sargodha Board. Therefore, the result will be announced in October 2022.

12 Class Result Status: (Not Announced)

  1. The results for the 12th class will be released on October 20, 2022.
  2. The result of the top students declared by the Board on the result day. Sometimes the result is declared before one day of the final result announcement.
  3. The students in 12 class can choose from a variety of combinations and groups for study.
  4. English, Urdu, and Pakistan studies are the three compulsory subjects in 12 class.
  5. The passing percentage for each subject is 33 %.



Information on Inter Result of Sargodha Board

The site is open to all intermediate students. We are here to give you full information about your BISE sargodha inter result 2022. Students who have been waiting so long for their inter results are told that they no longer need to wait. The dates for the final results have been made public by the BISE sargodha Board. Soon, the result of all groups including Science, Arts, and Humanities will be declared. 

Inter Result Status: (Not Announced)

  1. The inter part 1 results for the 2022 session will be released in November.
  2. Top students will be able to get medals from the Board.
  3. The result of Inter part 2 will be announced in October 2022.
  4. Additionally, the result will be made available in gazette form also.


FSc Result Updates by Sargodha Board 2022

The Sargodha Board's part 1 and 2 results for FSc students are expected to be released soon. The dates of the FSc (Faculty of Science) have been revealed. The FSc exams took place in June 2022. On May 4, 2022, the students received the date sheet for their annual exams. The result is currently awaiting the students. When the FSc result 2022 sargodha board is declared, we will let you know. Keep visiting us for more updates. 

FSc Result Status: (Not Announced)

  1. The result of FSc will be declared soon for both parts. 
  2. The subjects covered in FSc pre-med are (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics)
  3. The courses covered in FSc pre-engineering are (chemistry, physics, and math).
  4. The FSc result has 550 total marks.
  5. Ilmkidunya will offer students all results-related information.
  6. For further studies in medical or engineering, students have to take more than 60 percent marks in the result.
  7. After passing the result of FSc with good marks, students can apply in the most renowned Universities and colleges including Khyber Medical College, LMDC, Lahore University, King Edward, etc.


Result Announcement of I.Com for BISE Sargodha 2022

The Intermediate of Commerce I.Com takes two years to complete. Almost all the colleges offer the I.Com program. There is a large number of people who enroll in the I.Com program. Students who took the I.Com part 1 and 2 exams are currently awaiting the results. The Board will soon declare the sargodha board i.com result for 2022. It should be noted that the Board has made the results' dates public. Your results will be available soon. We will update you from our website when the result will be declared.

I.Com Result Status: (Not Announced)

1. The result of I.Com has yet to be declared.

2. The Sargodha Board conducted the I.Com annual exams for 2022 in June 2022.

3. Students can get the opportunity to reappear in the 2nd annual exams after the result of I.Com. 

4. The result of the toppers will be available one day of the result announcement.

5. Students who will receive the highest marks in the I.Com part 2 result will be able to get admission on a scholarship.



HSSC Results of the Sargodha Board 2022

The BISE sargodha board hssc result is released after the completion of the final exams. Students who participated in the academic session of 2022 are hereby notified that your results will be available soon. When the result will be declared, you can check it by using different methods that are mentioned on this page. Visit our website regularly to receive additional updates.

HSSC Result Status: (Not Announced)

  1. HSSC part 1 and 2 students who have appeared in the final exams of 2022 are informed that the result are going to be declared soon.
  2. We advised students who are awaiting their results to get in touch with us.
  3. Good luck to all those candidates who are waiting for their results.
  4. The Sargodha Board will release the HSSC results according to the published schedule.


Result Updates of ICS Part 1 & 2 by Sargodha Board

The Intermediate of Computer Science (ICS) is offered in various colleges. The course lasts for two years. The field of the ICS is related to computers. After enrolling in this program, students can further do their specializations. The sargodha Board administers the ICS final exams each year for both parts. Final exams for this year were held in June 2022. Students who took the ICS examinations are currently awaiting their results. It should be noted that the Board announces the result dates.

However, the BISE Sargodha ics result 2022 is going to be declared in the month of October or November 2022. 

ICS Result Status: (Not Announced)

  1. Math, physics, computers, economics, and statistics are all covered by the ICS program.
  2. The subject combinations are completely up to the students.
  3. The combination is typically based on colleges.
  4. Private students can also enroll in the ICS program.
  5. The result of the ICS will be announced soon.
  6. ICS is less difficult as compared to the FSc.
  7. For the ICS students, there are many options for further studies.


Result Declaration of FA of BISE Sargodha Board for 2022 Session

Students can select from a variety of combinations in the FA (Faculty of Arts). There are numerous permutations available for the exams for FA students. The BISE sargodha fa result 2022 has not yet been released. Students who took the FA final exams for the 2022 session are advised to keep visiting us. Furthermore, it is suggested to make a list of the top institutes to apply to after your result. 

FA Result Status: (Not Announced)

  1. Soon, the result of the FA will be made public by the Sargodha Board.
  2. The Sargodha Board are working on the final results for FA students.
  3. One day before the regular results, the top students will be announced.
  4. The students of FA can continue their field in arts.
  5. There are various ARTS institutes for students in Pakistan.
  6. The best institutes for arts include PIFD, NCA, Institute for Art and Culture, etc. 



Gazette of BISE Sargodha Board 2022

The gazette is a pdf file. This file contains the result of all programs. Students can check their result by “result gazette” after 1 hour of the result announcement. The Sargodha Board uploads the gazette on the official website after result. You must have a pdf viewer to check it. Here we have mentioned the statistics of the 2022 result of SSC and HSSC. 





Sargodha Board Gazette



How to Check the Result of BISE Sargodha Board for 2022?

Students who want to check their Sargodha board result are advised to keep reading this page. Here, we have covered a variety of techniques for determining the result.

Check the Result by Roll Number:

You can check your result by using the method of the roll number. The ssc & hssc result can be verified by this common method. The procedure is outlined below. 

  1. Visit the official website of the Sargodha Board www.BISEsargodha.edu.pk
  2. Select exam type matric / intermediate.
  3. Select year (2022)
  4. Select Annual.
  5. Enter your roll number.
  6. Click on show result.

Check the Result by Name:

If you want to check your inter, matric result 2022 by name then you must know the procedure before checking it. 

  1. Go to the official website of the Sargodha Board www.BISEsargodha.edu.pk
  2. Select exam type matric / intermediate.
  3. Select year (2022)
  4. Select Annual.
  5. Select the option of the name.
  6. Enter your name in the given section.
  7. Click on show result.

Check the Result by SMS:

To check your result by SMS, follow the instructions below.

  1. Type the roll number in the message box.
  2. Send it on the code (800290) of the Sargodha Board.
  3. You will receive your result after 15 minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: 1 How can I check my Sargodha Board Result?

Ans: To check the Sargodha Board Result, you can use a variety of ways. Some of them include roll number, SMS, gazette, and name.

Q: 2 What is the final date of matric part 2 result 2022?

Ans: The final date of matric part 2 result 2022 was 31st August.

Q: 3 What are the result timings of Sargodha Board for inter?

Ans: The result timings of Sargodha Board for intermediate are 10.10 a.m.

Q: 4 Is Matric part 1 result 2022 Announced?

Ans: Yes, the matric part 1 result 2022 was announced on 19th September 2022.

Q: 5 What is the SMS code of the Sargodha Board for checking the result?

Ans: The SMS code of the Sargodha Board for checking the result is 800290. 


Contact Details of Sargodha Board

The Sargodha Board's contact information is provided here. You can directly contact the Board by using a variety of methods if you have any questions that have not been answered elsewhere.

Contact Number of Sargodha Board

(048) 3250041

Chairman of Sargodha Board


Email Number of Sargodha Board


Website Number of Sargodha Board




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