DG Khan Board Result 2022 Updates

All the public and private students who are affiliated with the BISE DG Khan Bard are welcome to this portal. If you are in search of the result related information for the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th class, then you are on the right page. The information related to the result can be found from this page. Additionally, it is to be noted that the final exams of SSC & HSSC have been conducted by the DG Khan Board. The DG Khan Board comes under Punjab. The Dera Ghazi Khan Board conducts the exams on its specific schedule. 

However, the result of matric for both parts has been declared by the Board. The HSSC result is yet to be announced. The DG Khan Board has released the result dates. The official dates of inter result can be found from this page. Students are advised to keep reading the page carefully. 

Quick Information on 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Result 2022

The table includes details about the SSC and HSSC results. Students who come here looking for quick information on result dates are urged to thoroughly read the table.

DG Khan Board Result Dates:

9th class result date

19th September (announced)

10th class result date

31st August (announced)

11th class result date

17th November 2022

12th class result date

20th October 2022

Introduction of DG Khan Board

Since 1989, Dera Ghazi Khan's board has been in operation. The Board is responsible to maintain its standard by providing the result and admissions related information on its issued time. Layyah, Rajanpur, Muzaffargarh, and Dera Ghazi Khan come under the DG Khan Board. On D.G. Khan's official website, students can check their results of their specific program. 

Contact Details of DG Khan Board

The contact information of the BISE DG Khan Board is outlined below for the convenience of students. 

Contact Number of DG Khan Board


Chairman of DG Khan Board

Kishwar Naheed Rana

Email Number of DG Khan Board


Website of DG Khan Board


Address of DG Khan Board

3M6H+8W9, Board Road, Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab



Matric Results of BISE DG Khan Board 2022

The BISE DG Khan Board's 2022 matric result have been made public. The examination session for Matric Parts 1 and 2 has ended, and students who sat the final exams have been informed. A number of ways can be used to validate your results. Both online and offline approaches are viable. Results for Matric Part 1 were released by the dg khan Board in September 2022. The Matric Part 2 results were made public in August 2022. Students are advised to keep visiting us for more updates.

9th Class Result Announcement of BISE DG Khan Board

The dg khan Board has just announced the BISE dg khan 9th class 2022 result on September 19, 2022. The students eagerly anticipated the announcement of the final results following the exam period. Now you can verify your grades by going to the dg khan Board's official website. On this page, you can find all the results-related information.

9th Class Result Status: (Announced)

  1. Exams of the 9th class have been conducted by the dg khan Board.

  2. The exams of the 9th class started from 26th May 2022.

  3. Students can use a variety of ways to check their results.

  4. The gazette is uploaded on the relevant pages of result for the 9th class on our website.

  5. Passed students of the 9th class will be promoted to the 10th class.

Result Updates on 10th Class 2022 DG Khan Board

The 10th-class exams are administered annually by the dg khan Board. Candidates who enroll in the 10th class appear in the examination hall according to the prescribed schedule of the Board. The dg khan Board discloses the names of the top students before the results are made public. It should be remembered that the BISE dg khan class 10 result were made public on August 31, 2022. On the dg khan Board's official website, you can check your results. There are numerous ways available for students to check the result.

10th Class Result Status: (Announced)

  1. The 10th class result was declared on 31st August 2022.

  2. Students can get their result from the official website of the dg khan board.

  3. Those who fail in the final result of class 10th can reappear in the papers.

  4. Students can apply for the rechecking process if they have any doubts in the result. 

  5. The total marks in the result are 550.

SSC Result Updates on Bise DG Khan Board 2022

The BISE dg khan Board conducted the annual SSC exams for both parts. All of the SSC part 1 and 2 candidates appear in the exam hall with their roll number slips. The SSC exams were administered in May by the dg khan Board. Students who took part in the annual session of 2022 have been informed that the second annual examination has started, and the exam date is available on our website. The SSC result can be checked in a number of ways. Students can see the results online through the dg khan Board's official website.

SSC Result Status: (Announced)

  1. If a candidate fails the 1st annual exam, they can repeat it.

  2. The dg khan Board has made the second annual test schedule public.

  3. The exams of the 2nd annual have start.

  4. The second annual exams started from October 6, 2022.

  5. After the exam session is over, the results of the second annual examination will be released.

  6. The SSC part 2 students who scored the highest would be eligible to enroll in the best college..

Result Updates of Intermediate of BISE DG Khan Board 2022

It is the duty of the BISE DG Khan Board to conduct the intermediate exams for all groups, including FA, FSc, ICS, and I.Com. At a predetermined time, the Board makes all results information available. There are a wide range of students who enroll in the intermediate exams every year. Everyone who have given the final exams are now eagerly anticipating the bise dg khan board intermediate result. The result related information can be found from this page. 

DG Khan Board Result Announcement 2022 for Class 11

The 11 class result 2022 has not yet been made public. Candidates who participated in the 11th class examinations have been informed that the results will be made public soon. In June 2022, the 11th class final exams were conducted. The information about the results will be available to students who took the papers this year from this page. The results for the 11th class will be made public on November 19, 2022. On this day, the dg khan Board formally declared the results. We also suggested that students stay in touch with us. If the timetable is altered in any way, you will be informed.

11 Class Result Status: (Announced)

  1. The 11 class result will be available soon.

  2. The total number in the result will be 550.

  3. Passing marks in 11 class result are 33 for each paper. 

  4. Students will be promoted in the 12 class, if they pass the result.

12 Class Result Updates of DG Khan Board 2022

The papers for the 12th class have been completed. The most recent notification from the dg khan Board indicates that the final exam period is now over and that the results for the 12th grade will be released shortly. There are numerous candidates looking for their result. The annual 12th-class result date is made public by the BISE dg khan Board. It should be remembered that the HSSC Part 2 results will be released on October 20, 2022. Visit us again for new updates. We will keep updating you.

12 Class Result Status: (Announced)

  1. On October 20, 2022, the dg khan Board's official website will publish the results for the 12th class.

  2. One day before the results, the names of the top candidates will be revealed.

  3. There are numerous grouping and combination choices for candidates in class 12.

  4. The practical exams for students in class 12 must be taken after the written exams.

  5. 12 class students can apply in college and university for further studies. 

  6. The are many options after 12 class result.

Latest Updates on Inter Result of BISE DG Khan Board

This webpage is open to all intermediate students. We are willing to give you full information about your BISE dg khan Inter Result 2022. The students are advised that they are no longer required to wait for their final results. The final results dates have been made public by the BISE DG Khan Board. When the result of both parts will be declared, we will let you know. 

Inter Result Status: (Announced)

  1. The inter part 1 results for the 2022 session will be available in November.

  2. The result of Inter Part 2 will be released in October 2022.

  3. The dg khan Board will reward medals and prizes to the top students.

  4. Students can check their result by the gazette also.

  5. In the gazette, you can check the result of past years of all groups.

FSc Result Updates by DG Khan Board 2022

FSc is a 2 year program. There are 2 options in FSc. One is FSc pre medical and the other one is FSc pre engineering. Students choose the faculty of FSc for the purpose of doctor or engineer. Every year, the BISE DG Khan Board conducts the annual exams of FSc. The dg khan Board's part 1 and part 2 results for FSc students will be released soon. The FSc papers were held in June 2022. On May 4, 2022, the students received their date sheets. The results are still being awaited by the candidates. When the FSc result 2022 dg khan Board is made public, we'll let you know. To learn more about the result, keep checking this website.

FSc Result Status: (Announced)

  1. The results for the FSc students will be available soon.

  2. Students can go for the MBBS after FSc pre medical.

  3. There are 550 total marks for FSc.

  4. Chemistry, physics, and math are included in pre engineering.

  5. The FSc students can submit applications to a number of prestigious institutions.

  6. Ilmkidunya offers students access to all results-related information.

Latest Announcement of Result of I.Com for Bise DG Khan Board 2022

The Intermediate of Commerce I.Com curriculum is a 2 year program. I.Com is a commerce field. Students have a wide range of employment choices in I.Com. Students are anticipating the final results of the I.Com exams are informed that the result will be available soon.  Both parts of the dg khan Board i.com result for 2022 will be made public soon. The BISE DG Khan Board reveals the official dates of the result. Keep visiting us for more updates.

I.Com Result Status: (Announced)

  1. All the result awaited students are advised to keep searching for the college or university.

  2. The admissions in the colleges will be started soon.

  3. To apply in the best college or University, candidates have to get the highest marks in the I.Com result.

  4. The I.Com is a field of commerce that gives us various options for a better career.

  5. Good luck to the students who are waiting for their annual result.

HSSC Results of the DG Khan Board 2022

The BISE dg khan Board result will be released after the final exams. It is to be noted that the exams have been conducted by the Board. When the results are made public, you can verify them by utilizing the many methods mentioned on this page. Continue to check our website for the latest updates. The HSSC result 2022 updates will be available here for the students.

HSSC Result Status: (Announced)

  1. The results for the HSSC Part 1 and Part 2 final exams from 2022 will be made public soon.

  2. Students can reappear in the papers if they get low marks.

  3. There is also an option of reappearing in the papers if you fail in the result.

  4. We will let you know if the Board modifies the outcome timeline in any way.

  5. The top students will be revealed in the 12th class one day of the result.

Result of ICS Part 1 & 2 by DG Khan Board 2022

Many colleges offer the Intermediate in Computer Science program (ICS) for the students who apply in. The course lasts for two years. Intermediate in Computer Science gives you various options further. After enrolling in this program, students can continue to specialize in their areas of interest. The DG Khan Board administers the ICS final exams for both parts each year. Final examinations for this academic year were held in June 2022. The students who took the ICS exams are currently anticipating the results. It should be remembered that the Board announces the result dates. The dates of the ICS are listed below for both parts.

ICS Result Status: (Announced)

  1. The exams of ICS have been completed for the 2022 session.

  2. The result is yet to be declared.

  3. The result of the 11th class will be announced on 19th November 2022.

  4. The result of the 12th class will be announced on 20th October 2022.

  5. You can choose the combination of subjects in ICS of your own choice. 

Result Declaration of FA of BISE DG Khan Board for 2022 Session

Students have a variety of combination options in the FA. If FA students prepare well for the papers, they can achieve the greatest scores in their annual results. The BISE dg khan FA 2022 results have not yet been made available to students who took the FA examinations. According to the information provided. We recommended students to come back often. We'll keep you informed about the result on a regular basis. Making a list of the top institutes to apply to after receiving your FA results.

FA Result Status: (Announced)

  1. The FA results will be made public shortly by the dg khan Board.

  2. The dg khan Board is now preparing the final results for FA students.

  3. Before one day of the result announcement, the FA part 2 toppers will be available. 

  4. The FA students can choose a variety of combinations of subjects. 

  5. The best art schools are accessible to students of many disciplines, including PIFD, NCA, Institute for Art and Culture, and others.

  6. There are many ARTS schools for students in Pakistan.

Gazette of Bise DG Khan Board 2022

The gazette of the BISE DG Khan Board will be available on the official website for HSSC result after 1 hour of the result declaration. However, the result gazette of SSC is available. Students will be notified when the gazette will be uploaded. Through the gazette, you can check the numbers of students. The gazette is very helpful to make an estimate of numbers. 





DG Khan Board Gazette


How to Check the Result of BISE DG Khan Board for 2022?

To check the result of the dg khan board 2022, students can get the instructions that are outlined below. On the day of the result, most students are unaware of online checking the result, so you can get the idea from this page.

By Roll Number:

To check the result by using roll number, students are advised to read the given procedure. Follow the instructions if you are unfamiliar with them.

  1. Go to the website of the DG Khan Board.

  2. Select the option of the result.

  3. Select SSC / HSSC.

  4. Select your session.

  5. Enter your roll number in the given box.

  6. Click on search for result to check it.


The result of dg khan board 2022 can also be verified by SMS. This is one of the simple methods to check your result. Follow the given points to use this method.

  1. Type your roll number in the message box on your mobile phones.

  2. Send it on the code of DG Khan Board.

  3. The code of the DG Khan Board is 800295.

  4. The result will be available on your mobile via SMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: 1 When 10th Class Result announced by the 2022 DG Khan Board?

Ans: The 10th class result for the dg khan board has been announced for 2022.

Q: 2 What is the date of inter result part 1 for BISE DG Khan Board?

Ans: The result of inter part 1 will be announced on 19th November 2022.

Q: 3 What are the timings of the inter result announcement?

Ans: The timings of inter result announcement are 10. 10 a.m.

Q: 4 How can I check my matric result?

Ans: You can check your matric result by using a variety of ways including the roll number, SMS, and gazette.

Q: 5 Can I reappear in the papers if I get low marks?

Ans: Yes, you can reappear in the exams. The DG Khan Board gives the second chance to those who cannot pass the papers in the final term..


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