Abbottabad Board Result 2023 Updates

All the students who are interlinked with the BISE Abbottabad Board are informed that the updates on the final result of the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th class can be found on this page. If you are here in search of the result then you are on the right page. Students are informed that the exams of SSC and HSSC will be held in May or June 2023. Now the bise Abbottabad board result 2023 will be announced for all the classes except 11 class. The result of the 11 class will be declared in October 2023. 

You will be updated from the result from this page. 

Quick Information on the Result of 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th 

Here we have mentioned the quick information related to the result dates of SSC and HSSC of both parts. Students are advised to check the dates from the mentioned table.

Abbottabad Board Result Dates:

9th class result date

14th August 2023

10th class result date

14th August 2023

11th class result date

19th October 2023

12th class result date

03 October 2023

Overview of Abbottabad Board

The BISE Abbottabad Board administers the exam of many districts. There are a number of private and public institutes that are affiliated with it. The SSC and HSSC exams are administered by the Abbottabad board every year. The Abbottabad board is responsible to announce the result and declare the toppers on its issued schedule. The Abbottabad Board conducts the exams of all districts that come under it. The names of those districts are mentioned below for your knowledge.

Abbottabad, Mansehra, Haripur, Battagram, and Kohistan.

Contact Details of BISE Abbottabad Board

The Abbottabad Board's contact information is provided here. You can directly contact the Abbottabad Board by using a variety of methods if you have any questions related to your result or exams.

Contact Number of Abbottabad Board

(0992) 392010

Chairman of Abbottabad Board

Mr. Muhammad Shafique Chairman

Email Number of Abbottabad Board


Website Number of Abbottabad Board




Matric Results of BISE Abbottabad Board 2023

The BISE Abbottabad Board conducts the matric part 1 and 2 exams for the final session of 2023. Thousands of students appeared in the exams from Abbottabad Board of education. The exams will be conducted in May 2023. Students will be provided the date sheet before the gap of one month of exams. The matric result 2023 of BISE Abbottabad Board will bedeclared on 14th August 2023.

Students are advised to read this portal till the end. You will get to know more updates on this website.

Latest Updates on 9th Class Result of BISE Abbottabad Board

The Abbottabad Board officials will be declared the 9th class result 2023 on 14th August 2023. The exams of the 9th class will be held from 13th May 2023. However, the Board distributes the date sheet among students on 28th March 2023. Students who are in search of their results are advised to visit the official website of the Abbottabad Board to check their result. 

The ways for checking your result are described below on this portal. 

9th Class Result Status: (Not Announced)

  1. The 1st annual exams of class 9th will be held in May 2023.

  2. The result of the 9th class will be announced on 14th August 2023.

  3. Students of class 9th can reappear in the papers if they get low grades.

  4. The total number in the 9th class result is 550.

  5. The passing percentage for each papers is 33 %.

Result Updates on 10th Class 2023 Abbottabad Board

The first and second annual exams for the 10th grade are held by the Abbottabad Board each year. Exams for the 10th class are held before the exam of class 9th. This year the exams were administered by the Board starting on May 13, 2023. Date sheets will be given to the students on April 12, 2023. However, the BISE abbottabad 10 class 2023 result will be made public on August 14th, 2023. Students who receive low grades in their result are advised to retake the papers.

10th Class Result Status: (Not Announced)

  1. The 1st annual examination session of BISE Abbottabad Board has not been completed for 10th class. 

  2. The result of the 1st annual will be declared on 14th August 2023.

  3. The date sheet of 2nd annual exams is not out now.

  4. Students will appear in the 2nd annual exams of the 10th class on 25 October 2023.

  5. If you get low marks in the 1st annual exams then you must have to register for the 2nd attempt.

Result of SSC Part 1 and 2 of BISE Abbottabad Board 2023

The Abbottabad Board will be announced the ssc result for the 2023 abbottabad board. It is advised to all students who enrolled with the Abbottabad Board and took the SSC exams that you can verify your results by going to the Board's official website. The final exams of SSC will be held in May 2023. Students who achieve good grades are now promoted to the next class. If you were not able to pass the class, then it is best advised to reappear in the papers.

SSC Result Status: (Not Announced)

  1. The SSC result is not out now for session 2023.

  2. The final exams of SSC will be administered by the Abbottabad Board.

  3. The 2nd annual exams of SSC will be held in October 2023.

  4. The date sheet of 2nd annual exams will be declared on 27th September 2023.

  5. The result of the 2nd annual will be announced after the conduction of exams.

BISE Abbottabad Board Result 2023 Inter Updates

The Bise Abbottabad Board will publishe a schedule for the administration of the annual intermediate part 1 and part 2 exams. The intermediate program is completed in two years. The Abbottabad Board will announce the annual results on its schedule. The results of the Class 11 exams are currently being awaited by students. The outcome will be made public soon. However, the 12 class result will be announced on 3rd October 2023. The toppers of the BISE Abbottabad Board will highly appreciated by the Board officials. 

11th Class Latest Result Updates of Abbottabad Board 2023

At the beginning of June 2023, the 11th class examination period began. Students will be given their date sheet on 24th May 2023. After the conduction of final exams, the students were looking forward to their 11 class result in 2023. There are many students who are affiliated with the BISE Abbottabad Board. According to the latest updates from the Board, students are informed that the final result will be available soon in October 2023. Keep visiting us to get more updates.

11 Class Result Status: (Not Announced)

  1. The result of the 11 class will be available in October 2023.

  2. The gazette will be accessible to check the result.

  3. The result can be verified via various ways.

  4. Students of 11 class can view their result from the official website of the Board.

  5. You must have to provide the roll number in terms of checking the result online.

BISE Abbottabad Board 12 Class Result Updates for 2023

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education BISE Abbottabad willl be conducted the final examination of 12 class in June 2023. Students will be  given their date sheets on 24th May 2023. If you are in search of the 12 class result Abbottabad board then keep in mind that the result will be declared on 3rd October 2023. Students who get good grades are eligible to apply in the University or college for further studies.

12 Class Result Status: (Not Announced)

  1. In class 12, students have a range of grouping and combination options to choose from.

  2. English, Urdu, and Pak studies are the compulsory subjects in 12 class.

  3. The total marks in the 12th class result are 550.

  4. The passing marks in the result are 33 %.

  5. After the announcement of their final results, students can apply for the rechecking process.

Latest Updates on Inter Result 2023 Abbottabad Board

After the completion of final papers, students of inter were eagerly waiting for their results. The Abbottabad Board announces the final result on its specific schedule. However, it is to be noted that the inter result 2023 is out now for part 2. The inter part 1 result will be available soon. Students who are in search of the 11 class result are advised to keep checking our website to get the latest updates. 

Inter Result Status: (Announced)

  1. The total marks in the inter part 1 and 2 result are 1100.

  2. In the intermediate, there are several groups, including FSc, I.Com, ICS, and FA for the students.

  3. Students must have to receive at least 33% marks in each subject to pass the class.

  4. The Abbottabad Board awards rewards to the position holders of the 12 class.

  5. The result will be available in various ways.

FSc Result Announcement of Bise Abbottabad Board 2023

The Bise Abbottabad Board will be published the FSc date sheet on May 24th, 2023. In June 2023, the exams will be administered by the Board. After giving the papers of FSc pre medical / engineering, students are waiting for their final result announcement. It is to be noted that the fsc result 2023 bise abbottabad board will be announced for part 2. The result of part 1 will be announced soon. 

FSc Result Status: (Not Announced)

The FSc students who are anticipating the FSc part 1 result are advised to stay in touch with us. 

The Board officials are working on the part 1 result nowadays.

FSc part 2 result was announced on 3rd October 2023.

The practical papers of 12 class will be held after the written exams. 

The toppers of the 12 class will be declared by the Abbottabad Board for 2023.

Result Updates of I.Com for Bise Abbottabad Board 2023

I.Com is a commerce field. The program consists of 2 years. There are a number of students who apply in the I.Com program every year. Every year, the Abbottabad Board conducts the I.Com part 1 and 2. 2023, the exams of I.Com will be held in June 2023. Students who are waiting for the latest updates regarding their abbottabad board result 2023 date are informed that the result of part 2 will be made public on 3rd October 2023. However, the I.Com part 1 result will be announced in October 2023 by the Board. 

I.Com Result Status: (Announced)

  1. The I.Com result of part 1 2023 will be available soon.

  2. The I.Com program consists of a total of 1100 numbers.

  3. Students of I.Com can apply to B.Com for further studies.

  4. There are also other options instead of B.Com.

  5. You can start your own Business after the I.Com program. 

Recent Updates on HSSC Result Abbottabad Board 2023

The HSSC is an upper level of education. Students have to struggle a lot to achieve good marks in HSSC. Admission in the University depends on the marks of HSSC. Students who got the highest marks in their HSSC can enroll in the top University. Those who have appeared in the exams of HSSC this year are informed that the final result will be announced for part 2. The Abbottabad Board will declare the part 1 result in October 2023.

HSSC Result Status: (Announced)

  1. To enroll in the top college or university, you must have to get the highest marks in HSSC.

  2. The marks of entry test result count in admission to a University.

  3. The total marks in the HSSC result are 1100.

  4. Students can choose a program in HSSC of their own choice.

  5.  After having your result, you can register for the rechecking process if you want.

Result Declaration of ICS 2023 Bise Abbottabad Board

ICS (Intermediate of Computer Science) is a good field to adopt. You can find various options after studying for this degree. The students of ICS can enroll in BSc after their final result. The students who have given the exams of ICS this year from BISE Abbottabad Board are informed that the final result will be declared on 3rd October 2023. Furthermore, you can get more updates from our website. 

ICS Result Status: (Not Announced)

  1. The ICS is a computer field.

  2. Students can make a combination of their own choice in ICS.

  3. ICS consists of the following subjects optional including math, statistics, economics, and physics. 

  4. The compulsory subjects in part 2 of ICS are Pak studies, English and Urdu.

  5. The compulsory subjects in part 1 of ICS are Islamiat, English, and Urdu.

Latest Announcement on FA Result 2023 of Abbottabad Board.

The Abbottabad Board will be conducted the final exams of FA in June 2023. The students of Fine Arts who were waiting for their FA result 2023 are advised to check the official website of the Board. You can get your result from there. 

FA Result Status: (Not Announced)

  1. The FA result will be made public by the Abbottabad Board.

  2. Students of FA can register themselves for the rechecking process after the result announcement.

  3. The rechecking fees for each paper are Rp. 1000/- 

  4. FA students can find various institutes for further studies.

  5. The demand for Fine Arts is getting high nowadays.

Result Gazette of Abbottabad Board 2023

The Gazette of BISE Abbottabad Board for all the classes is available on our website. Students can check the result from the gazette. 





Abbottabad Board Gazette

Click here

How to Check the Result of BISE Abbottabad Board 2023?

To check the bise abbottabad board result 2023, students are advised to follow the given ways. The procedure is also mentioned for your convenience. 

Check the Result by Roll Number:

To check the result by roll number, go to the website of Abbottabad Board. Go to the result section. Select your year and session. Enter the roll number. Click on reCaptcha and search for the result. 

Check the Result by SMS:

The abbottabad Board result can also be verified by SMS. Follow the steps to get guidelines.

  1. Open the text box. 

  2. Write your roll number and send it on the code 8583.

  3. You will receive your result via SMS from the Board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: 1 What is the result status of the Intermediate of Abbottabad Board 2023?

Ans: The result of the BISE Abbottabad Board will be declared for the inter 2023.

Q: 2 How many methods of viewing the Inter results instead of getting from the institute?

Ans: You can use a variety of methods to view your result. Some of them include roll number, gazette, and SMS.

Q: 3 What happens after the result is declared?

Ans: Hopefully, you will be successful in your result. After that, you can proceed to the next class. If you get the highest marks, you could be eligible for a scholarship to attend university or college.

Q: 4 How can I verify my matric result by Roll Number?

Ans: To get your matric result by Roll Number, visit the website, and enter your roll number by visiting the result section. After that, the search result.

Q: 5 What will the date of 1st annual matric exams of matric?

Ans: The date of 1st annual exams of matric will 13th May 2023.


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