MS Pakistan Studies in Pakistan


MA Pakistan study is a 2 year degree program. It is an integrated, coordinated, systematic subject that draws from various social science disciplines like history, anthropology, geography, economics, political science and sociology. Social science departments at different universities offer this course as a degree program.
The program of study and research of M. Phil Pakistan Studies is a two year degree program consisting of four semesters. In the first year of this program, students are expected to complete seven courses and a seminar. The students are required to complete a total of 24 credit hours of coursework and research thesis on a topic approved by the center’s research board. The thesis will be of 26 credit hours. 


Specialization Or Majors Of MS/MPhil Pakistan Studies

There are following specializations in this field:
  • Geography
  • Pakistani Languages and Literature
  • The genesis of the pakistan movement
  • Economic Development in Pakistan
  • Foreign Policy
  • Ideological Foundations
  • Pakistani Society and Culture
  • Research Methods
  • Social Change
  • Political, Constitutional Development in Pakistan


Duration And Credit Hours Of MS/MPhil Pakistan Studies

The total program scheme offers 72 credit hour’s spread over 4 semesters. The semester wise credit hours are as:
1st semester  18
2nd semester  18
3rd semester  18
4th semester  18


Scope And Career Of MS/MPhil Pakistan studies

The scope of pakistan studies is compound and multi-dimensional. It encompasses in history the provenance of Pakistan, geography, geo-politics, society, religion, economy, culture and other social issues.
This program provides opportunities to improve content knowledge that comprise the basis of Pakistan Studies.
Pakistan Studies is a broad and general field related to the issues and the historical aspects of Pakistan. There are plenty of job opportunities for graduates and undergraduate students in this field.
These are the most famed fields that students could make a career in.
  • Archeology Department
  • Pakistani Literature
  • Economic Sectors
  • Foreign Policy Department
  • National Foundations
  • Culture Development
  • Geological Research Department
  • Social Development
  • Political and Constitutional Institutions
  • Political Parties
  • Parliament and Bureaucracy
  • Education Departments
  • Foreign Ministry
  • Interior Ministry
  • Local Government

Skills And Learning Outcomes Of MS/MPhil Pakistan Studies

This program seeks to develop students’ diagnostic and critical capabilities and broaden their vision. This will enable them to artistry careers of their own choice. The courses seek to impart in students qualities of hard work, advanced outlook and initiative to excel by way of good competition. 
To appease the need of the nation to produce the researchers and scholars. Who can write political issues, religions, social life, economic development, and intellectual activities with respect to development in Pakistan.
Students will be able to produce such academics who can teach in schools, colleges and universities on graduate and undergraduate levels.

MS/MPhil Pakistan Studies Syllabus And Courses 

1st semester 
Rise of Muslim Nationalism 3
Cultural Heritage of Pakistan 3
Geography of Pakistan 3
Pakistan as Reflected in Pakistani Literature 3
Muslim Political Philosophy  3
English 3
2nd semester 

Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Vision of Pakistan 3
Pakistani Society and Culture 3
Pakistani Nationalism, 1947 to date 3
Constitutional Developments in Pakistan, Part I, 1947-1971 3
Party Politics in Pakistan ,1947-1971 3
3rd semester 
Constitutional Developments in Pakistan, Part II, 1971 to date 3
Research Methodology 3
Foreign Policy of Pakistan, Part I, 1947-1971 3
Social Structure of Pakistan 3
Islamic Studies 3
4th semester 

Economy and Economic History of Pakistan 3
Seminar on Contemporary Issues 3
Foreign Policy of Pakistan, Part II, 1971 to date 3
Party Politics in Pakistan, Part II, 1971 to date 3
Any Optional Course Any Optional Course 3
Any Optional Course 3
Compulsory courses 
  • Rise of Muslim Nationalism 
  • Muslim Political Philosophy in British India 
  • Pakistan as Reflected in Pakistani Literature
  • Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his Vision of Pakistan
  • Cultural Heritage of Pakistan
  • Geography of Pakistan
  • Pakistani Society and Culture
  • Pakistani Nationalism
  • Constitutional Developments in Pakistan
  • Party Politics in Pakistan
  • Constitutional Developments
  • Research Methodology
  • Foreign Policy of Pakistan
  • Social Structure of Pakistan
  • Economy and Economic History of Pakistan
  • Seminar on Contemporary Issues
  • Foreign Policy of Pakistan
  • Party Politics in Pakistan


General Courses 

Arabic  English
Islamic studies

Optional courses

  • Environmental issues of Pakistan
  • Women in Pakistan Politics and Society
  • Mass Media role in Political Development of Pakistan
  • Regional Literature(Punjabi, Pushto, Sindhi, Balochi or Kashmiri)
  • Human Rights in Pakistan
  • Pakistan and the Muslim World
  • Nationalization, Privatization and Deregulation
  • Law and Order and War on Terror
  • Geneses of Kashmir Issue
  • Natural Disaster and Rehabilitation in  Pakistan


Fee Structure Of MS/MPhil Pakistan Studies

International Islamic university Islamabad fee structure of ma Pakistan studies 
Admission fee 2000
University dues  45200
Library security 7000
Total fee 54200
Hostel dues per month  4200
Hostel security  7000
International Islamic university Islamabad fee structure of MS Pakistan studies 
Admission fee 2000
University dues  49220
Library security 7000
Total fee 58220
Hostel dues per month  5250
Hostel security  7000



Related Courses 

  • Pakistan studies and history
  • Gender studies 
  • Women studies  
  • International development studies
  • Arabic studies 
  • Urdu 
  • English
  • Social and culture studies
  • Media studies
  • Religious studies

Further Courses 

  • PhD in Pakistan studies 
  • PhD in history 


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