Master of Interior Design In Pakistan Complete Guide

Master of Interior Design In Pakistan Complete Guide

Introduction & Overview/Highlights

An interior designer is a person who creates new ideas for making the furniture, he focuses on the architecture. He makes new designs for the decoration of homes, buildings, and places. You can hire an interior designer before designing any new furniture. You can make your homes furnished in a much better way by hiring them. Moreover, Interior design is the comprehensive, professional activity of addressing, safeguarding, and meeting human needs in interior areas. The Master of Interior Design can give you the best ideas for decoration. Here in Pakistan, the demand for interior designers is increasing with the passage of time. 
The Master of Interior Design in Pakistan is offered by various institutes. If you are in a question of what jobs i can get after Master of Interior Design? Then read this complete guide that is made for you. You will get the complete details from here. 

Highlights of Master of Interior Design Course

The highlights regarding the Master of Interior Design in Pakistan are mentioned here. 
Program: Master of Interior Design
Duration: 2 years
Semesters: 04

Specializations in Master of Interior Design

There are a number of specialization areas in the field of interior design. Students who pursue this program can go to different areas for the purpose of specialization. The Master of Interior Design specialization in Pakistan is offered by many institutes. Some of the major areas of specialization are mentioned here. 
  • Residential Interior Design.
  • Hospitality Interior Design.
  • Commercial Interior Design.
  • Retail & Store Planning.
  • Exhibit Design.
  • Healthcare Interior Design.
  • Higher Education / Institutional Interiors.
  • Lighting Design.
Before selecting the field of interior design, candidates must know the basic principles of interior designing. Buildings for residential, commercial, and industrial use are planned, designed, and furnished by interior designers. Interior designers should use a variety of design components to create a pleasing appearance. There are a number of people who wish to hire an interior designer to design their homes and buildings. 

Duration/credit hours of Master of Interior Designing

The Master of Interior Design pu duration is 2 years. The general duration and the total credit hours of the program are mentioned here. Get the guidelines given below. 
Total Duration: 2 years
Credit Hours: 36

Affiliations & Accreditations of Master of Interior Designing

The Master of Interior Design affiliated college outline lahore and other cities are mentioned below. All the mentioned institutes are affiliated with HEC (Higher Education Commission).
Institute City Program Duration
Lahore College For Women University Lahore 2 years Masters
University Of Management And Technology Lahore 2 years Masters
 The University Of Lahore ( Main Campus ) Lahore 2 years Masters
The Superior University Lahore  2 years Masters
University Of South Asia Lahore  2 years Masters
Comsats University Islamabad ( Lahore Campus ) Lahore  2 years Masters
University Of Home Economics Lahore  2 years Masters
Institute For Art And Culture Lahore  2 years Masters
Lahore School Of Fashion Design Lahore  2 years Masters
Institute Of Art, Design & Management Lahore  2 years Masters
Gift University Gujranwala 2 years Masters
Comsats Institute Of Information Technology (virtual Campus) Faisalabad 2 years Masters
The University of Faisalabad Faisalabad 2 years Masters

Scope in Master of Interior Designing

Those students who pursue this program, can find various opportunities in the future. Intermediate students who complete their degree can apply in the Bachelor's program of 4 years. After that, you can enroll in the Masters in interior design. There are many Universities offering the Hons of Master of Interior Design in Pakistan including School of Art & Architecture, COMSATS, and Minhaj University, UOF, Gift, etc. 
Students interested in a career in interior design have a wide range of employment options, including positions working with architects. Additionally, students have the option of choosing from a number of undergraduate degrees in textile and design, fashion design, or fine arts. The abilities required to become an interior designer will also be provided by these degrees. The Master of Interior Design Scope in Pakistan is increasing day by day. 

Career Opportunities in the field of Interior Designing. 

Here are some of the career opportunities for Master of Interior Design in pak. You get the idea of careers before applying in the program. 
  • Theaters
  • Consultancies
  • News TV channels
  • Entertainment TV Channels
  • Architectural Firms
  • Builders and Town Planning Department
  • Educational Institutes
  • Shopping Malls
  • Corporate Offices
  • Five Star Hotels
Highest Paying Jobs in the field of Interior Designing.
  • Corporate interior designers.
  • Healthcare interior designers.
  • Government interior designers.
  • Sustainable interior designers.
  • Commercial interior designers.
  • Residential interior designers.
  • Hospitality interior designers.

Syllabus & Courses of Interior Designing.

The syllabus and the course outline of the program are mentioned in the table below. Students are advised to follow the course outline. The course outline is taken from NCA.
Semester: 1 
Course Code Courses Studio / Theory Credit Hours
ID-5101 Interior Design Studio I Studio 4
ID-5102 History of Interior Design I Theory 2
ID-5103 Construction Technology & Materials I Theory 2
ID-5104 Drawing 1 Studio 2
ID-5105 Color Theory 2
ID-5106 Computer Aided Drawing Presentation Studio 0
Semester: 2
Course Code Courses Studio / Theory Credit Hours
ID-5201 Interior Design studio II Studio 4
ID-5202 History of Interior Design II Theory 2
ID-5203 Construction Technology & Materials II Theory 2
ID-5204 Drawing II Studio 2
ID-5205 Furniture Design Theory 2
ID-5206 Drawing presentation Studio 0
 Semester: 3
Course Code Courses Studio / Theory Credit Hours
ID-6101 Interior Design Studio III Studio 4
ID-6102 Thesis Research & Report Writing Theory 2
ID-6103 Lighting Design Theory 2
ID-6104 Professional Practice Theory 2
ID-6105 3D Studio Max Studio 2
Semester: 4
Course Code Courses Studio / Theory Credit Hours
1 Interior Design Thesis 6 1

Skill & Learning Outcome of the Program / Why Choose this Program

There are a number of skills that you can get while entering the interior designing field. Some of the skills are mentioned below for your assistance. 
  • Identification of trends
  • Understanding of sustainable practices.
  • Excellence in communication, etc.
  • Knowledge of computers, computer skills, and organization.

Objectives of the Program

Read out the objectives of the program. 
Encouraging students to practice, perform ground-breaking research, collaborate through a more advanced design process, and deliver results that are practice-based.
Understanding design principles and the tools for putting them into practice will help you establish design strategies that take social and environmental responsibility into account when creating design propositions for modern situations.

Why Choose this Program

Students who are interested in the design field or want to décor, must join this career. This is one of the most famous and worthy careers in which you can find various opportunities. Through interior designing, you can develop a lot of skills in yourself. 


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