MS Civil Engineering

Introduction and Overview:

Civil engineering is an engineering field in which we focus on construction, building and many other structural components. Students can select civil engineering for their career after fsc pre engineering. After graduation in civil engineering, the students can get admission in master in civil engineering. MS Civil Engineering program is of two years consists of 4 semesters. MS Civil Engineering is one of the best career choices for the graduates.

 Specializations / Majors:

  • Construction Engineering
  • Water Resources Engineering and Management
  • Management and Environmental Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • River Engineering
  • Water Management Computations
  • Drainage and Irritation Engineering

The majors of MS Civil Engineering are:

  • Environmental Management and Science
  • Mechanics, Material and Computing
  • General Structural Engineering
  • Soil Mechanics and Environmental Geotechnics
  • Structural Steel Design

Duration / Credit hours:

The normal duration of MS Civil Engineering is two years in universities and the students can complete this degree in maximum 4 years. The credit hours for MS Civil engineering are 30 which also includes thesis and research work.

Affiliations & Accreditations:

In Pakistan, HEC affiliated institutes for MS Management Sciences are:

  • National University of Science and Technology, Islamabad
  • FAST University
  • Mehran University of Engineering and Technology
  • University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila
  • Air University, Islamabad


Scope & Career:

MS Civil Engineering is one of the most demanding fields of engineering which provides the students a number of career opportunities for a successful and bright future. MS Civil Engineering is a valuable degree program as it also deals with innovative technologies and various building and construction programs. It is a field which provides practical skills and work experience to the graduates which make them able to get good jobs. This degree program is offered after bachelor and many students get enrolled in fall and spring program so that they can have a successful career. The areas in which the jobs are available for MS Civil Engineers are mentioned here. The scope of Civil Engineering can be seen in almost every field.

  • Railway Industry
  • Airport Industry
  • Buildings and Construction Companies
  • Geotechnical Companies
  • Highway Agencies

Syllabus & Courses:

The course contents of MS Civil Engineering which are given by Higher Education Commission are mentioned below. These courses are taught in MS Civil Engineering in all HEC recognized Institutes.

  • Applied Chemistry and Microbiology
  • Global Challenges in Water and Health
  • Structural Mechanics and Finite Elements
  • Geographical Information Science and Remote Sensing
  • Water Resources Management and Hydraulic Modeling
  • Dissertation Project

Skills and Learning Outcomes of the Program:

The students become able to think intellectually and deeply about various construction programs and make their efforts in practical work. Students learn how to deal with different projects in an easy and efficient way.

List of Related Courses:

The related courses of MS Civil Engineering are given here:

  • Master of Science in Construction Management
  • Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • MSc Building Economics
  • MSc Architectural Engineering
  • Energy Infrastructure

Further Study Options:

Students have many choices if they want to continue their studies. Many diplomas are also offered in this field and the students can do PhD in civil engineering.

Study Abroad Options:

Study abroad is also a choice for the students which want to go for abroad. Such students can apply for the program in the country they want to go. Germany, UK, USA and Australia are the best countries for civil engineering as the students can also get job in these countries after MS Civil Engineering.


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