Master of Architecture In Pakistan Complete Guide

Master of Architecture In Pakistan Complete Guide

Introduction & Overview/Highlights

Architecture is defined as an art and science through which we construct buildings and prepare the structure of homes. The Master of Architecture is a 2 year program. There are many institutes that offer this program. Students who are interested in Architecture study are advised to go for this program. The scope of Master of Architecture Pakistan is on a great level. In Pakistan, architecture is the most well-known and well-liked profession. Many students choose architecture as their occupation each year. In Pakistan as well as the rest of the globe, it is the most reputable profession.
There are a number of students who are in search of what is Master of Architecture? So, here on this page, you can get the complete details on the Master of Architecture in Pakistan. 

Highlights of Master of Architecture Course

Here, we've covered the salient features of the Master of architecture program. From the provided table, students can quickly learn information about the degree.
Program Master of Architecture
Duration 2 years
Semesters 03

Specializations in Master of Architecture.

Students who want to pursue this program can specialize in various departments. Master of Architecture in specialization in Pakistan are offered by various institutes. The Master of Architecture punjab university is offered to students. Only those are eligible to apply who meet the admission criteria. 
Here we have mentioned some of the Architecture types in which you can specialize. 
  • Masters of architectural design and history
  • Masters of architecture – building architecture
  • Masters of architecture – built environment interiors
  • Masters in building and architectural engineering

Objectives of doing Masters in Architecture. 

The Master's in Architecture program's goals are to equip students with the knowledge and abilities needed to design intricate and articulated structures where the careful fusion of materiality, structure, and spatial order results in spaces that are meaningful for both group and individual activity.

Duration/credit hours of Masters in Architecture

The Masters in Architecture takes 2 years to complete. For the M. Arch. Degree to be awarded, 33 credits must be satisfactorily completed.

Affiliations & Accreditations

The affiliations and accreditations that offer Masters in architecture are listed below. The Master of Architecture course contents for affiliated colleges are the same for every institute. The mentioned Universities are affiliated with HEC (Higher Education Commission). 
  1. Lahore College for Women University. 
  2. National College of Arts. 
  3. University Of Engineering & Technology, Lahore.
  4. The University of Punjab.
  5. Beaconhouse National University. 
  6. Imperial College of Business Studies. 
  7. UMT, Lahore
  8. The Superior University.

Scope in Masters in Architecture Program

There are a number of opportunities in Masters of Architecture. Every year, there are a number of students who apply in the Master program of architecture.  This is one of the most popular fields in Pakistan. The program is famous not only in Pakistan but also abroad. Students who opt for this degree can establish their own Business. In Pakistan, there are many people who want to construct their buildings and homes by hiring an architect. An architect can give you the best options and structure for the building. 
After successfully completing an M. Arch. degree, individuals have access to a wide range of jobs in the fields of architecture and civil engineering. They have a variety of professional options, including those in architecture, urban planning, engineering, landscape architecture, and interior design.

A career in Environmental Science

There are a number of career options after completing the Masters in architecture in Pakistan. The postgraduate with an MA in architecture has employment alternatives as a private architect and the potential to work as an architect for governmental institutions. With an MA in architecture, many postgraduate students can pursue careers as interior and construction designers.
Some of the top and best fields in Master of architecture are mentioned here. 
  • Masters of architectural science – audio and acoustics. 
  • Masters of design – design innovation. 
  • Masters of design – strategic design. 
  • Masters of architectural science – high-performance buildings. 
  • Masters of urban design. 
  • Masters of urbanism.
  • Masters of heritage conservation. 
  • Masters of urban and regional planning.

Jobs after Masters in Architecture:-

Here we have mentioned some of the job options. Students who are unfamiliar with the opportunities are advised to check the jobs here.
  • Architectural technologist.
  • Building surveyor.
  • Town planner.
  • Interior and spatial designer. 
  • Historic buildings inspector. 
  • Architect.
  • Production designer. 
  • Structural engineer.

Syllabus & Courses of Masters in Architecture:-

The course outline of Masters in Architecture is mentioned here. The syllabus that is mentioned below are taken from HEC official website. 
1st Semester:
Course Title  Credit Hours
Advanced Architectural Research Methods 3
Advanced Architecture Design Studio-I 6
Optional (from list of Specialization) 3
Elective I (related to list of Optional) 3
Elective II (related to list of Optional) 3

2nd Semester:

Course Title  Credit Hours
Advanced Architecture Design Studio-II 6
Optional II (Minor - from list of Optional) 3
Elective III (related to list of Optional) 3
Elective IV (related to list of Optional) 3
3rd Semester:
Course Title  Credit Hours
Advanced Architecture Design Studio-III Or
Thesis based on Institutional Preferences

Skill & Learning Outcome of the Program / Why Choose this Program

Architects typically design a variety of structures, including residential homes, offices for large corporations, and enormous malls.
Some of the key skills are mentioned here.
  • The capacity to produce intricate plans and drawings utilizing both traditional and computer-aided design approaches.
  • The capacity to function well both independently and in a group.
  • Abilities to solve problems in novel and flexible ways.
  • Strong aptitude for numbers.
  • Advanced abilities in creative design.
  • Ability to successfully manage your time and work to deadlines.
  • Talents in verbal, written, graphic, and visual communication.
  • Abilities in project management.

Why Choose this Program

A degree in architecture will educate you on how to design buildings to fit in with existing structures and offer useful services. You will learn how to think about how your concepts might be reasonably implemented and how they might affect the environment.


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