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A Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) degree is considered the most advanced degree before Doctor of Philosophy. It involves both theoretical and research-based study throughout this degree of 2 years. In M.Phil. Sociology program candidates are exposed to a wide range of topics, including contemporary social issues, modern and classical sociological theory, advanced quantitative and quantitative research methods, health and illness, organizational perspectives, and religion. The degree of M.Phil. Sociology enables students to write a journal which can be published at national or international platforms. There are numerous universities in Pakistan that offer a Master of Philosophy in Sociology. 

Duration/ Credit Hours:

  • 2 years (4 semesters)


Some HEC recognized universities that offer an M.Phil. in Sociology are: 

  • University of Sargodha
  • Punjab University 
  • Quaid-e-Azam university
  • University of Management and Technology
  • Riphah International University
  • Fatima Jinnah Women University Rawalpindi
  • Lahore Leads University
  • University of Gujrat
  • Bacha Khan University Charsadda


Masters of Philosophy include combined work of theoretical and research. It leads to the increased opportunities for students to look forward for academic opportunities as a lecturer and a credible researcher. Students can also choose field work after the post graduate degree. 

Syllabus & courses

The optional and core subjects of MS in geography according to the HEC curriculum are:

  • Principles of sociology
  • Cultural anthropology
  • Social statistics
  • Applications of computer in sociology
  • Development of sociological theory
  • Contemporary sociological theory
  • Population dynamics
  • Sociology of development
  • Social psychology
  • Gender issues
  • Sociology of change
  • Criminology and sociology of deviance
  • Community dev. And social mobilization
  • Sociology of social work
  • Sociology of ageing
  • Sociology of emotions
  • Industrial sociology
  • Gender and human rights
  • Sociology of race and ethnic relations
  • Sociology of urbanization
  • Social policy
  • Sociology of Technology


  • To understand the various factors of social work and social behaviors. 
  • To be capable of understanding the issues faced by the society and to interpret the solutions.


  • MS Sociology
  • MSc. Sociology 
  • MA Sociology


  • After concluding a postgraduate degree students can further study and achieve a doctorate in sociology. There are numerous options for a doctor of philosophy at many national and international universities. 


  • Ph.D. in Sociology at University of Cambridge
  • Ph.D. in Education and Sociology at university of Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom
  • Ph.D. in Social Work and Social Policy at University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
  • Ph.D. in Sociology at The University of Manchester, England, United Kingdom
  • Ph.D. in Sociology and Anthropology at SOAS University of London, United kingdom
  • Ph.D. in Sociology at University of Wroclaw, Poland
  • Ph.D. in Sociology at Atlantic International University, United States of America

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