Sr Post Name Jobs Qualification
1 Consultant Neurologist 1 Masters
2 Consultant Nephorlogist 1 Masters
3 Consultant Anesthetist 1 Masters
4 Senior Registrar Cardiologist 10 Masters
5 Senior Registrar Cardiac Surgery 11 Masters
6 Senior Registrar Cardiology 14 Masters
7 Pathologist 1 Masters
8 Assistant Professor Of Cardiac Surgery 2 Masters
9 Senior Registrar 2 Masters
10 Associate Professor Of Cardiology 1 Masters
11 Associate Professor Of Pathology 1 Masters
12 Associate Professor Of Cardiac Surgery 2 Masters
13 Associate Professor Of Radiology 1 Masters
14 Chief Consultant Anesthesia 1 Masters
15 Professor Of Pathology 1 Masters
16 Professor Of Cardiac Surgery 1 Masters
17 Professor Of Cardiology 1 Masters
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Wazirabad Institute of Cardiology (WIC) has announced 1 new job positions for Professor Of Cardiology(BPS-20) on 29 Jan, 2020. The minimum qualification requirement for this job opportunity is Masters with 3 years Experience. This job is based in Wazirabad and our users can see the job detail add below to check for the Professor Of Cardiology online application process with how to apply instructions.Kindly note that this job was published by the Wazirabad Institute of Cardiology (WIC) on 29 Jan, 2020. This new vacancy is for candidates with age limit N/A years. The last date to apply for this post is 14 Feb, 2020.Feel free to ask any questions about this job vacancy or share your comments in the given comments area.

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  • 12-Nov-19
    Wazirabad Institute of Cardiology (WIC), Wazirabad
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      Senior Registrar Cardiology

      Consultant Anesthesia

      Consultant Nephorologist

      Consultant Neurologist

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