Sr Post Name Jobs Qualification
1 Financial Management And Development Expert 1 Bachelors
2 Teacher Training And Examinations Reform Specialist 1 Bachelors
3 PIU Engineer 1 Bachelors
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The Government of Sindh has received a loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) that aims to increase inclusiveness of secondary education system in Sindh Province by construction of new secondary school blocks, improving teaching and learning capacity, and to bring reform in secondary education examination system. The applications are invited for the following positions purely on contractual basis in the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) for Sindh Secondary Education Improvement Project (SSEIP), under School Education & Literacy Department (SELD). The part of the loan will be used for the following Consultancy Services:

Position Qualification and Experience
CS-05 PIU Engineer (National 60 person-months) is highly desirable. The Engineer will have at least 10 years work experience in the design and construction supervision of school buildings, preparation and interpretation of CAD drawings, as well as familiarity with ADB or other internationally funded projects. Specialization in structural engineering, review, and evaluation of contract documents At least a bachelor's in civil or structural engineering from an HEC recognized educational institution; a demonstrated track record of timely delivery of high quality outputs, availability to travel regularly to project sites as required, excellent interpersonal skills, excellent skills in the use of Microsoft Office software, especially Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Internet use, and a good command of spoken and written English are essential. The specialist will perform the following functions, duties, and tasks:
  • Validate site survey reports and actual site condition for purposes of preparing or revising construction plans and corresponding programs of work for schools;
  • Validate and where needed provide necessary inputs, recommend revisions and improvements to the detailed design of school building submitted by design consultants to be included in the tender documents as well as for the preparation of the detailed cost estimates;
  • Assist in the preparation of technical specifications and tender documents for procurement purposes and in the validation of due diligence reports, assessments, surveys, procurement plans and other relevant documents;
  • Validate and revise where needed the bills of quantities to be included in the tender documents based on the architectural and engineering designs including the list and specification of equipment, furniture, educational facilities and materials for maintenance to be included in the bill of quantities;
  • Develop a set of performance parameters to be used for monitoring the performance of all school building components including Health Safety & Environment.
  • Assist the PIU procurement specialist in the tendering of the works, including the evaluation of bids, clarification of issues in the scope of the works and technical specifications, and in the finalization of the implementation program upon contract award;
  • Develop procedures and plan for the monitoring and evaluation of construction works in each district or contract;
  • Assist the contractor in pre-construction and mobilization requirements for school building construction;
  • Prepare site inspection and supervision guidelines for conducting site spot checks to ensure compliance to the contract and construction specifications;
  • Oversee site supervisors and ensure adherence to building standards and plans;
  • Conduct periodic reviews and evaluation of civil works including preparation of implementation reports;
  • Assist the PIU in the validation of contractor's accomplishment and progress billings;
  • Assist the PIU in the preparation of progress and accomplishment reports as required;
  • In coordination with the contractor, prepare a program of work for each contract and the records of discussions with contractors during actual site inspection conferences;
  • Discuss the final implementation program and the program of inspection and reporting for each contract;
  • In coordination with the construction supervision consultant, supervise the implementation of the works including the checking of compliance with the conditions of contracts on the workmanship, recommending any contract variation, if necessary, subject to approval of PIU;
  • Accept the completed project upon authority and subject to approved procedures by PIU; and
  • Ensure that the needs of women, children and people living with disabilities are adequately addressed in design, planning and implementation of water supply sanitation and hygiene - WASH activities in School.
  • Assist the M&E specialist in monitoring project activities related to the preparation and implementation of related to output 1 activities and projects.
  • Develop and implement handing / taking over documentation/procedures upon completion of all specified works in coordination with the M&E specialist and relevant government counterparts.
  • Perform such other functions in the area of school building construction, as may be requested by PIU Project Director / Project Manager.
Teacher Training CS-06 and Examinations Reform Specialist (National 60 person-months) The specialist will have at least 15 years of experience in developing and implementing education reform programs, planning and managing teacher training and examination reform programs, projects and activities, and knowledge of the use of technology in teacher education, preferably at the secondary education level. At least a master's degree in social sciences, education, training administration, and other relevant disciplines, courses in educational leadership is an added advantage, written and oral English proficiency and computer skills are essential. Familiarity with ADB or other internationally funded projects is desirable. The specialist will perform the following functions, duties, and tasks:
  • Conduct public consultations with relevant stakeholders in the area of improving secondary education and in identifying necessary reforms and programs to improve teacher training and secondary examinations;
  • Coordinate all stakeholders involved in the preparation and implementation of the secondary education reform program, such as the SE development centers, teacher training and other related educational institutions, secondary education service providers and consultants recruited under the project; SEF, professional
  • Oversee preparation of teacher training and mentoring program, including program design, documentation for teacher needs and capacity assessment, and program implementation plan by the "Innovative teacher training program and secondary examination reforms" consulting firm. Advice on key features of the teacher training and mentoring program and capacity building program for staff and on key features of baseline and end-line surveys for measuring teacher capacity and satisfaction with improved knowledge from the training programs prepared by consulting firm.
  • Oversee the development of a uniform examination syllabus, and specifications for grades 9-12 for BISE, the development of a training program in item writing and exam development for BISE assessors and a training program in data analysis and research for BISE staff, and on the baseline and end line surveys for measuring satisfaction of BISE assessors and BISE staff with training programs, all of which will be developed by the consulting firm.
  • Assist the PIU procurement specialist in the preparation of tender documents and procurement of training related consultancy contracts, Including the evaluation of bids, clarification of issues in the scope of the works and finalization of the implementation program upon contract award;
  • Supervise the implementation of all training and examination reform-related consultancy contracts and teacher training related activities identified for the project including compliance with the conditions of contracts and outputs;
  • Accept the completed project upon authority and subject to approved procedures by PIU;
  • Prepare the necessary sections of the quarterly and annual progress and accomplishment reports as required and assist the M&E specialist in monitoring project activities related to the preparation and implementation of related to output 2 and 3 activities and projects;
  • Develop procedures and plan of monitoring and evaluation of all components of Output 2 and 3; and
  • Review trainer performance and recommend improvements to program content and/or instructor presentation methods;
  • Provide technical inputs and other support to consultant firm for development and implementation of a detailed work, including the development of a curriculum framework, new curriculum materials (e.g., textbooks/learning modules, teacher guides, and other teaching and learning materials;
  • Ensure that due emphasis is given to promoting equity across gender and ethnic groups within curricula;
  • Identification of international best practices and the possibility of replicating them in the examination assessment system and outline of a communications strategy to support the implementation of the reforms.
  • Assist to review application of examination reform in overall education system from quality of learning, curriculum development, pedagogical practices to teacher training.
  • Analyze the horizontal and vertical consistency of subject curricula between levels and disciplines and make suggestions for improvements, review the institutional setting for curricula design, approval, and implementation, and make suggestions for improvements.
  • Assist PIU in procurement of OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) and laboratory equipment.
  • Perform such other functions in the area of teacher training and examination reforms as may be requested by PIU project director/project manager.
CS-14 Financial Management and Сарacity Development Expert (International 3 person-months) The consultant will have internationally benchmarked certifications and degrees in audit and accounting fields and must have at least 10 years general experience of work in the financial management field. The consultant will support the financial management aspects of the PIU's work. The specific tasks for the assignment will include:
  • Understanding the financial management requirements of the PIU and the EA and design capacity building programs to train the accountants and financial officers of the respective agency3B
  • Help PIU set up an accounting system that assists in maintaining all the relevant documents and information. The system will ensure that all the various components of the project are in compliance with the accounting requirements and the IA / EA staff involved is knowledgeable about the same;
  • Understand the mechanism to complete withdrawal applications and ensure that PIU and EA have a system to complete and submit withdrawal applications to ADB promptly, and knowledgeable on the use of advance account, liquidation and replenishment procedures;
  • Update the financial management assessment carried out under the project preparatory technical assistance and ensure that it is regularly updated;
  • Train the PIU on finalizing the audit TORS and work with the PIU and EA to hire audit firm for the assignment;
  • Any other relevant task relating to financial management and audit and accounting under the project.

The Advertisement/Terms of Reference (TOR) can also be downloaded from the Sindh PPRA websites ( / ( and ADB website (

  • The Project Implementation Unit (PIU-SSEIP), School Education and Literacy Department (SELD), Government of Sindh, is the Executing Agency (EA) responsible for overall implementation of the Project.
  • PIU, SELD is now seeking Expressions of Interest (EOls) from suitable individuals to carry out the above consultancy services. ADB's Procurement Regulations for ADB Borrowers: Goods, Works, Non consulting and Consulting Services (2017, as amended from time to time) shall be used in the recruitment process through individual consultant selection. The provisions of ADB's Anti-corruption Policy will be included in all documents and contracts for consultants.
  • The EOI must be submitted online via the ADB's Consultant Management System (CMS). The EOI to be submitted using the ADB's CV template through ADB CMS not later than 08-November-2021. Access to the online Request for Expression of Interest may reach through the link to Consultant Services Recruitment Notices (CSRN) available at procurement/consulting. Individuals wishing to submit an EOl must be registered with the CMS. CMS registration is accessible at Person facing any technical problem in accessing CMS may request assistance by email to Individuals are recommended to update their CMS registration before uploading or sending their EOIS.

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