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06-Apr-21 Redco International, Islamabad 810 Jobs 10-Apr-21 View
09-Feb-21 Redco International, Islamabad 80 Jobs 24-Feb-21 View
13-Oct-18 Redco International, Qatar 420 Jobs N/A View
04-Sep-18 Redco International, Qatar 14 Jobs N/A View
01-Sep-18 Redco International, Islamabad 47 Jobs N/A View
14-Aug-18 Redco International, Qatar 701 Jobs N/A View
07-Mar-18 Redco International, Qatar 450 Jobs 10-Mar-18 View
08-Feb-18 Redco International, Islamabad 104 Jobs N/A View
02-Dec-17 Redco International, Islamabad 1145 Jobs 06-Dec-17 View
01-Dec-17 Redco International, Qatar 1140 Jobs 06-Dec-17 View
10-Nov-17 Redco International, Qatar 73 Jobs N/A View
09-Nov-17 Redco International, Islamabad 1653 Jobs N/A View
12-Oct-17 Redco International, Qatar 770 Jobs 14-Oct-17 View
05-Oct-17 Redco International, Islamabad 800 Jobs N/A View
17-Sep-17 Redco International, Islamabad 39 Jobs N/A View
20-Jun-17 Redco International, Islamabad 150 Jobs N/A View
14-Jun-17 Redco International, Islamabad 46 Jobs N/A View
07-Jun-17 Redco International, Qatar 13 Jobs N/A View
04-Apr-17 Redco International, Islamabad 0 Jobs N/A View
29-Mar-17 Redco International, Islamabad 0 Jobs N/A View
12-Mar-17 Redco International, Islamabad 0 Jobs N/A View
11-Sep-16 Redco International, Qatar 0 Jobs N/A View
26-Aug-16 Redco International, Islamabad 0 Jobs N/A View
31-Dec-15 Redco International, Others 0 Jobs N/A View
30-Sep-15 Redco International, Qatar 0 Jobs N/A View
15-Jul-15 Redco International, Qatar 0 Jobs N/A View
27-May-15 Redco International, Qatar 0 Jobs N/A View
29-Mar-15 Redco International, Qatar 0 Jobs N/A View

MS Redco International:

Redco International is a private firm providing construction services since 35 years, being established in 1982.It has offices in Qatar and Pakistan. It is providing services for Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing, Precast Concrete & Hollow core Factories, Readymix Concrete Plants, Steel cut & bend factory, Earthwork & Blasting, Civil Construction, Architectural Finishes, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing and Precast Concrete & Hollow core Factories. Redco international has gained many certificates for its excellence of work from Pakistani and Qatar Govt.s such as: Safety Appreciation Certificate, Safety Achievement Award, Environmental Management System, Health and Safety Management System and Quality Management System.

Redco has more than 15000 employees including civil engineers, electrical engineers and chemical engineers. Pakistan: Redco Pakistan Limited (RPL) and Redco Textiles Limited (RTL) are two sisters companies functioning in Pakistan of Redco International. Redco company in Pakistan has constructed the mega project of 1320 MW power plant at Port Qasim, Karachi, Pakistan. The company is recognized for its best health and safety construction services. Redco’s current annual capital is QR. 6.0 billion. The company has an ISO 9001 certified quality management system. The company is committed to continue its quality work and increase its reputation in the world .The management of the company has been working professionally and has set work criteria for its employees in order to maintain and improve performance. Employees are the asset of any company; therefore Redco searches for skilled professionals, who can participate in its fast growing construction company. Ilmkiduniya, will keep posted its readers about availability of any new vacancy in Redco international.