Sr Post Name Jobs Qualification
1 Security Guard 98 Others
2 Security Sergeant 14 Others
Latest jobs by Quetta Electric Supply Company (QESCO)

i. Quetta Electric Supply Company (QESCO) is a public sector utility and the area wise largest distribution company of Pakistan. Its area of operation comprised of 32 districts of Balochistan Province except district Lashela. Administratively, QESCO controls this area through its six operation circles namely Central, Loralai, Pishin, Sibi, Mekran & Khuzdar. The charter of QESCO is provides the reliable and safe electric power supply to the consumers in its jurisdiction.
ii. QESCO intends to hire the service of a Security Services Provider Companies /Firms for provision of following categories of staff in the district mentioned against each.
Sr. No
Nomenclature of Posts
No of Post(s) for the 132KV Grid Station
Total No of Posts
1x Post Deep Sea Port Gawadar
1x Post Sanjavi
1x Post Washuk
1x Post Ormach
1x Post Chaman-II
1x Post Kapoto
L Security Sergeant
Ix Post End: City Quetta
1x Post Barshore 1x Post Mashkay
1x Post-Nag
1x Post-Kan Mehterzai
Ix Post-Spinji
1x Post Dhadhar
1x Post Jewani
7x Post Deep Sea Port Gawadar
7x Post Sanjavi
7x Post Washuk
7x Post Ormach
7x Post Chaman-II
7x Post Kapoto
2. Security Guard
7x Post End: City Quetta
7x. Post Barshore 7x Post Mashkay
7x Post Nag
7x Post Kan Mehterzai
7x Post-Spinji
7x Post Dhadhar
7x Post Jewani
iii. QESCO invites eligible and reputable Security Service Provider Firms with demonstrable and proven capability to submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) by Providing the following information:
List of all Directors along with the CNIC Number & Copies.
Copy of Organogram.
Copy of NTN Certificate.
Copy of Certificate from relevant authorities where the services provided.
Copy of GST Certificate.
Annual Income Tax Returns and receipt for the last 3 years.
Bank Account(s) Information and statement for the last 3 years.
The QESCO reserves the right to demand/call any other information for the sake of documents/ information.
Bid Security amounting to Rs. 1000000/- must be deposited and the original bid Security will be submitted at
the time of the opening of the bids.
Copy of valid Licenses of Security Company from Concerned Home Departments/Ministry of Interior. Minimum Three (03) years' experience with proven track record in the market as a security service provider
(Attach Photo Copies of Evidence).
Experience with Government, Semi Government Organizations, Multinational Firms and Foreign Missions
( Attach Photo Copies of Evidence), if applicable. Details alongwith office addresses in the site locations Le. Islamabad, Balochistan.
An undertaking on stamp paper that the company or its employees never involved in any litigation with this M/O Energy (Power Division) Government of Pakistan and the company has never been blacklisted by any
Government organization.
Bids shall be submitted on the prescribed form. Only rates to be quoted on the bid form, Conditional and alternate bids will be rejected.
iv. The interested firm(s) may submit sealed Proposals (through courier services) containing rates in Rupees per application along with minimum processing time in days from the closing date of receiving applications to the Chief Executive Officer, QESCO Zarghoon Road Quetta Cantt under Caption Expression of Interest for
providing Security Services Firms as per PPRA Rules, 2004,
The Expression of Interest will be based upon "single stage two stage envelops" method as prescribed under PPRA rules containing separate sealed covers "Technical Proposal & Financial Proposal". 11:00hrs and Technical Proposal will be
vi. The Expression of Interest will be received by 27th June, 2024 upto
opened on the same date at 11:30 hrs QESCO HR/ Zarghoon Road Quetta Cantt. vii. QESCO reserves the right to accept or reject or annul whole of the bid or part thereof, prior to acceptance of
proposal viii. Security Service Firm should ensure that all submitted information is/are correct and true. Incomplete proposal(s) can be dropped any time.
ix. The contract will be awarded to successful bidder with the prior approval of CEO QESCO. x. The Bid/ tender documents, which can be obtained from the office of D.G (HR&Admn) QESCO Quetta against
pay order/demand draft in the name of Finance Director QESCO Quetta of Rs. 10,000/-each, Note: The advertisement is also available at Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) website and QESCO website PID(Q)367/23
Director General (HR&Admn) Quetta Electric Supply Company (QESCO) Zarghoon Road Quetta, Cantt.